Wednesday, June 9, 2010

USNORTHCOM Gears Up For Potential Attack On U.S. Soil

From Prison Planet and The Intel Hub

USNORTHCOM admits that they are preparing military operations within the United States. This is the first time in history this has been done. They will be working with DHS, state and local law enforcement on U.S. soil.
The focus of this operation will be in our back yard. This ORI is planning on defending against enemy attacks, supporting civilian authorities with fighting an unconventional foe in the U.S.
NORTHCOM went on to say that the drill will be in the Gulf area. They antcicipate no infulstructure and extreme weather conditions...

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  1. Just as I suspected and expected after the re-deployment of the First Brigade Third Infantry "Raider Brigade" from patrolling the streets of Ramadi, Iraq to the U.S. mainland way back in Sept/ Oct, 2008. At the time this story caused quite a buzz in the "alternative" media and even caused a few ripples in the MSM , which has subsequently subsided over the intervening years as the economic collapse has assumed center stage.

    The unit was assigned to NORTHCOM for a period of twelve months and was assigned as Task Force Operations for the Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear and High-yield Explosive (CDRNE) consequence Management Response Force. At the same time, a Joint Task Force-Civil Support was established foreshadowing the present exercises to be conducted in the Gulf Area, actually a de facto deployment presumably related to the extraordinary and suppressed extent of the BP oil rig blowout.

    The land based military presence as augmented by unprecedented Air Force unit deployment portends an expected and growing military involvement in the catastrophe which, if as is suggested at various sites, was a pre-planned false flag event, may be yet another large step towards the evacuation and resettlement of civilian populations in secure centers (FEMA camps?) and the prelude to martial law.