Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Claims That Mumbai Terrorist Headley Was DEA Agent, Had US Intelligence Links

Ambassador M K Bhadrakumar discusses possible U.S. intelligence links of Mumbai terrorist David Coleman Headley in an article in Asia Times. According to Bhadrakumar he "had a criminal record in the US from 1989 as a conspirator to import heroin and spent a total of six years in prison as a result of four convictions. He was later recruited as an agent by US drug-enforcement authorities, who after the 9/11 attacks in the US coordinated closely with the Central Intelligence Agency."

Chicago Resident David Coleman Headley Pleads Guilty to Role in India and Denmark Terrorism Conspiracies.

Other articles on the web such as this one claim that he was a U.S. Drug Enforcement(DEA) agent for many years.

Man Accused of Threats on 'Radical' Website Lives on Naval Base; IP Address Reported Stolen

The radical neo-fascist news organization Fox News alleges someone left a threatening comment on what they are calling a 'radical' website, Fox news found the comment and reported it to authorities, according to Prison Planet.

The person who allegedly left the threatening comment happened to live on a naval base in Tennessee.

Investigators with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service have seized the man's shotgun and taken it to the armory at the Naval Support Activity Mid-South base in Millington, Tenn. The firearm will be stored there while the agency's probe continues...Even though he is a civilian, the man is living on a military base, making him subject to the rules of that base. The commanding officer has the authority to take any weapons that are on the base — whether they belong to a member of the military or a civilian — and store them at the armory. For the same reason, NCIS has the authority to arrest him.

Of possible great significance is the fact that one day ago, Alex Jones, owner of, talked on his radio show about someone who had called him from a military base complaining someone else had stolen their IP address and was making comments with it on one of his websites.

Author's Note: Though certainly coming from a libertarian base, both and offer news and alternative perspectives outside of the classic left/right football game. Many liberals are guests on their shows and the perspectives of their audience and visitors is wide. The sites never condone violence or racism. I don't know what people want to call radical today, but certainly the warmongering mainstream news organizations of today are inherently more 'radical' in their approach then the varied fare one receives from these alternative sites.

WMDs, IEDs, Who Cares? Nobody Reads...

Read all about it. A bunch of crazy muffins the government said were getting ready to take over the country with their WMDs were arrested. Or do they mean IEDs? Sounds more like the latter since the article explains the WMDs they mean are "explosively formed projectiles." That's used in an IED or roadside bomb apparently. Has its own Wikipedia page.

Makes for great headlines like this one: "Radical Christian Extremists Arrested for Planning WMD Attack"

So I guess Saddam had some WMDs afterall...not nukes, or chemical weapons, but maybe a few of these projectiles lying around to threaten the world with.

Of course the FBI admits to having an 'undercover agent' in the group.

Wait don't tell me...he bought the projectiles of mass destruction?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Other Hurt Locker

A list of atrocities committed by troops in Afganistan on Counterpunch. No Oscars for the little boys killed execution style or the pregnant women shot dead. No heroes either...
Discovered on Prison Planet.

9/11 Truth in LA

Swine Flu Scaremongers Still Trying To Sell Their Wares As Unused Truckloads Return

While Greece and Norway are seeking compensation after canceling swine flu vaccination orders, and truckloads of vaccines returned unused in Albany a couple months ago, in Kentucky it's only the 'crazy' conspiracy theorists who don't wan't the vaccine, the 'good ol boys' around the water cooler know better. (Apparently in West Virginia, tomatoes also don't exist except in the mind of conspiracy theorists.)
Unlike the U.S. solution of bravely charging through the skeptics and free thinkers out there with armfuls of unused vaccines to the rescue, the Council of Europe is investigating if Swine Flu was indeed a profit making hoax for the pharmaceutical industry.

The British newspaper, The Guardian, as well is reporting on a possible loss of confidence in the WHO over Swine Flu exaggerations. But I mean, why should anyone lose confidence? The prediction of 65,000 deaths in the UK was only off by about 64,640. New Jersey is definitely still on the band wagon as I can see from an email I recently received below.

And for some in the UK, bastion of health consciousness that it is, it is in fact a race against time to get vaccinated! You've ONLY GOT 24HOURS!! Apparently that's all the time you have left to get the last doses of that vaccine that no one actually wants. Better snatch it up quick. As the Daily Echo reports, “It will be back in the autumn so now is the time for parents to prepare and take action now." Or maybe get it twice? How about three times?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Alex Jones In The Belly Of The Beast

Special Editorial:

Below are two videos of Alex Jones in an explosive CNN interview. Before you watch those two videos I would like to preface them with a few personal comments relating to my feelings on watching them. I used to both watch CNN regularly as well as read The New York Times for much of my adult life. A few years ago things started to change. After 9/11, which caught most of us by surprise, and the events that followed, Amercia took what seemed like a new turn. Suddenly it was 'OK' for America to start wars of aggression against countries with little or no relationship to the acts of 9/11 which were used as their justifications. Hundreds of thousands have died in those wars, period. They reflect much more closely then a willingness to 'stop' terrorism, a geopolitical goal of occupying Central Asia as a military strategy. Who that strategy serves is something which should be debated. Clear however is that it is not the terrorists who have taken away our rights, but our own government, through the so called 'Patriot Act' and other legislation. It has gone so far that the government claims it can justifiably pick out Americans for execution without trial or otherwise, and eliminate them. It can incarcerate Americans forever if it wishes. It can shut down our lines of open communication in a state of emergency. It listens in on our telephone communications. It has secret lists of those it deems as 'threats.' These are the actions, not of healthy democracies, but of tyrannical regimes. The October Surprise of 1980, the Supreme Court election decision of 2000, and the Ohio vote rigging of 2004, bring the validity even of our own elections into question. This is the legacy of PNAC documents, the corrupt elements of the Reagan Revolution, and neoconservatism, as well as a spinless Democratic Party which seems to rather fight small battles, ingratiate itself with Wall Street, and find hidden benefits for themselves as the larger issues of corruption go forward, a corruption often fully supported by mainline Republicans fooled into thinking it is "good for America.'
I used to read the New York Times and watch CNN. I do so occaisionally still, but knowing now that what I am reading is, if not pure, then at least largely propaganda. Sure, occaissionally a good article is in the New York TImes, and the New York Post for example is even worse. Nonetheless it is media institutions like the New York Times or CNN which wholeheartedly have given fake liberal backing to our wars of aggression, our loss of liberty, and constantly look for support for future military engagements with Iran, just to use one example. They have become with few exceptions, warmongering elements of the media, and Alex Jones is right to say that "they have blood on THEIR hands."
Though I support and respect Alex Jones, I might not agree with everything Alex Jones says or believes. I have some differences with the negative view he takes towards all forms of modern socialism for example. I know from some of my experiences living in modern Europe, that some 'socialist' policies do not imply tyranny any more then capitalism does, if moderated and combined with respect for individual rights and the rights of the people as a whole.
But in the end the struggle of today is not truly between left and right. The struggle today is between real and fake, between the 'Truthers' who want to know the reality of the world we live in, and react to it in a positive, democratic and rational way, and who support investigations of government and corporate actions, and the 'Fakeans' if you will, those that prefer to live in a fake world dictated to us through open lies in our media, and corrupt policies of propaganda and distortion that they believe keeps them 'safe.' Being lied to does not make me feel safe.

The fake world presented to us by the large corporations and political establishment is all intrusive and has many levels. We see it in the false 'official stories' which simply do not hold up under scrutiny of major events such as the JFK assassination or 9/11. We see it in the constant blitzkrieg of mindless advertising which we are subjected to. We see it in the plastic, manipulative and fake manner in which our politicians often talk down to us. We see it in the fake scare campaigns of swine flu, Wall Street bailouts and body scanner technology designed to make insiders of the corporate system even more rich. We see it in Wall Street itself, falsely inflated by its supporters and their policies. We can even see it in the degradation of popular art forms such as rock music, originally a gutsy music of rebellion, now a scared remnant steered by corporations into a form of advertising, escapism and somniferous elevator music at best, and outright propaganda for the establishment at worst.

Here is finally Alex Jones, in the belly of the beast:

Friday, March 26, 2010

Leaked CIA Report On How To Influence Germany And France To Fight In Afghanistan

From Wikileaks

A newly leaked classified CIA report details possible strategies for maintaining public support for the Afganistan War in Germany and France.

Here are only a couple small examples of the kinds of things found in the report:

Example 1. Obama

The confidence of the French and German publics in President Obama’s ability to handle foreign affairs in general and Afghanistan in particular suggest that they would be receptive to his direct affirmation of their importance to the ISAF mission—and sensitive to direct expressions of disappointment in allies who do not help.

Example 2. Women

Afghan women could serve as ideal messengers in humanizing the ISAF role in combating the Taliban because of women’s ability to speak personally and credibly about their experiences under the Taliban, their aspirations for the future, and their fears of a Taliban victory. Outreach initiatives that create media opportunities for Afghan women to share their stories with French, German, and other European women could help to overcome pervasive skepticism among women in Western Europe toward the ISAF mission...Media events that feature testimonials by Afghan women would probably be most effective if broadcast on programs that have large and disproportionately female audiences. (C//NF)

These examples and the four page report itself offers a glimpse into how war propaganda is discussed in intelligence circles, and seems almost like a how-to manual for the Obama administration and the mainstream media to utilize to shore up public support for the conflict should it sag under the pressure of increasing war casualties.

Potato or Tomato?

Discovered on Cryptogon.

Kids at an elementary school in Huntington, West Virginia have trouble indentifying vegetables.

For CNN, Teen Prom More Important Then Sunk South Korean Navy Ship

There are reports that the North Koreans have sunk a South Korean navy ship. Other reports claim that the ship may have sunk from its own explosives. A military conflict between two nuclear armed nations is serious news that made the price of gold soar today, yet CNN chooses to bury it behind a story on a high school prom dispute. No joke. Their headline reads Gay teen in prom case hated, lauded. Other featured articles are Hot Tub Time Machine, Roller derby girls play tough, Donny Osmond rips Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Forgotten star workout videos, Ads on your airline snacks and Dog chews off cop car's bumber.
Here is a screenshot of what greeted visitors to CNN this morning:

I guess that's an insight into the American mind, or perhaps more significantly, an insight into the mindless issues that corporations like CNN would like us to spend our time thinking about.

An article on Prison Planet entitled Korea Tensions Pale Alongside Agenda To Attack Iran suggests that "An incident in the Yellow Sea that could trigger further heightened tension between North and South Korea is likely to be played down by the globalist power structure in the U.S. because it threatens the focus of their agenda in the middle east."

You can be sure if Iran even sunk so much as a life raft of one of their neighbors, we would probably have U.N. resolutions and perhaps an all out military strike. You can be sure it would be all over CNN. But it wasn't Iran, it was North Korea, and so CNN runs with their sleep-inducing mind dribble.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Russia Today: US and Nato Strengthen Afgan Drug Industry

A lecturer from the University College Dublin, Julian Mercille, on Russia Today explains that Nato and the US are actually supporting those involved with the drug trade in Afganistan. The Taliban only receive in comparison 5% of their income from the drug trade, according to the lecturer.

Wikileaks Personnel Under Physical Surveillance

On Cryptogon is an article about the CIA and U.S. State Department targeting of Wikileaks personnel for surveillance. Ultimately from this article and also one on Harper's Magazine and True/Slant you get the picture that the Pentagon, the CIA and State Department all want to get rid of this troublesome site. Troublesome because it provides a forum for whistleblowers to expose the secretive actions of governments and corporations today. More specifically however, the recent aggressive surveillance might have something to do with one of their twitter postings:

# WikiLeaks to reveal Pentagon murder-coverup at US National Press Club, Apr 5, 9am; contact

That probably is what Wikileaks is refering to when they say this on their twitter page:

If anything happens to us, you know why: it is our Apr 5 film. And you know who is responsible.

UPDATE: According to the Daily Mail, the April 5 US National Press Club presentation by Wikileaks is "its plan to make public unencrypted footage of an air strike in Afghanistan on May 7 last year that killed 97 civilians."

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Afgan War Debate For Those Who Missed It: Patrick Kennedy Lashes Out At Feeble U.S. Press; Ron Paul "Taliban Did Not Attack us on 9/11."

As the infotainment and pro-war propaganda pump out of the bought and paid for corporate cesspool that is the U.S. media, here are some things many might have missed.

Paul Craig Roberts Signs Off With Tale of Censorship and The Ignorant Doom of America

Former Business Week columnist, former Wall Street Journal editor, and former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, Paul Craig Roberts writes in what is meant as his final editorial, a tale of censorship for opposing the Bush wars of aggression and of the downfall of an ignorant and deceived America.

Journalist Attempts CItizen Arrest of War Criminal Blair; MailOnline Removes Comments

An article in the Dailymail describes how a journalist attempted to arrest Tony Blair for war crimes at the European Parliament in Brussels.

Though Tony Blair in the article is quoted as defending himself with "I think it's important for you guys as well to not always mistake the protest for the general view of the whole population," the comments on the internet version of the article heaped scorn on him and applauded the man for attempting to arrest him. The website removed the comments, but it can clearly be seen that 203 comments were at one time posted. ( Screenshot of bottom half of article below. Notice "203 comments" next to "No comments have thus far been submitted." Yeah right. )


The comments are is some of the warm support for the former Prime Minister in a screenshot below.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

30 Teachers in New York or 2 Soldiers In Central Asia, Which is More Important?

As the U.S. is in debt and running out of money, tough decisions need to be made. For the purpose of provoking thought, let's use one example to contrast the cutbacks being made in social services in this country with the expenditures being made for our military overseas.

For one New York State school system, Minisink Valley, cutbacks in state aid means firing 27 teachers for a school system with less then 5000 students. The students are angry and protesting the decision, and as one student said, "only one of my teachers next year is going to be here. The rest of them are fired."

One soldier in Iraq or Afganistan costs roughly 1 million U.S. dollars each year. That would pay for 15 teachers each year in Minisink Valley if one uses the average salary of a Minisink Valley teacher as a guide.

That leaves us with the following equation. Bring just two soldiers back from Central Asia, and you could keep all 27 teachers as well as hire 3 new teachers for Minisink Valley. Which is more important?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

FBI Baits Bronx Man To Commit Terror With Liver Transplant For Dying Brother

This deserved its own headline. An article in the Daily News details the tricks played by an FBI informant to bait a Bronx man into committing terror acts such as bombing two Bronx synagogues. According to the mother of the Bronx man, the FBI informant even promised the suspect a liver transplant for his dying brother. The suspect, David Williams, told his mother "Mom, I met a good Muslim brother; he is going to help us.'"

Another article on NBC New York details a motion for dismissal of the terror indictment against Williams and three others by their lawyers. According to the article, the same FBI informant "suggested there could be as much as $250,000 available" but "he failed to motivate the defendants to any action on their own. Months went by between meetings, and the filings quote Cromitie as saying, "I'm not gonna hurt anybody" and "The plane thing ... is out of the question."

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Synagogue Bomb Suspects: The Feds Put Us Up to It!

Mmm...Sort of reminds me of that FBI informant mixing the bomb for the WTC back in 93'. You know the time the FBI decided not to substitute fake explosives and the bomb went off killing six people? Although this time the Feds seem to have been even more blatant in baiting their reluctant terrorists.

Gotta make it real easy for them... to be cold-blooded anti-semetic American hating jihadi islamofascists about to blow things up and take over the world. Yeah, that's the ticket. Drive a BMW and promise them lots of money. Oh they turned you down? Ah well don't worry, you can bring them in on terrorist charges in the U.S. anyway. Not like anyone will notice...or will they?

Here is the article on the NBC New York website. The FBI informant practically did it all for them, even promised them money and lavished them with fancy cars and they still said no. Eventually they were arrested trying to bomb a synagogue with the supposedly fake explosives sold to them by the authorities however. But shouldn't the FBI be finding terrorists, not creating them?

Lo And Behold: U.S. Troops Turn Blind Eye to Opium Fields

Mmm....Why not ship it in to the States and fund more war with it like you did for the Contras?

Here is the article from the New York Times.

Author Accuses Rumsfeld And Cheney Of LSD Murder Cover-Up

In this video, author Hank Albarelli discusses LSD experiments on unwitting subjects conducted in secret by the CIA.

The scientist discussed in the middle of the video who was dosed with LSD and allegedly 'committed suicide' was Frank R. Olson who worked at the U.S. Army's Fort Detrick Biowarfare Facility. Albarelli claims he was killed because of knowledge of an LSD experiment on a French town which resulted in many cases of madness and near suicide. The author also claims Rumsfeld and Cheney were involved in the cover-up of the Olson case.

Interestingly enough, Fort Detrick is the same facility where more recently Bruce Ivins worked who also 'commited suicide' as the FBI prepared to charge him in the anthrax attacks weeks after the 9/11 attacks in 2001. The anthrax attacks of 2001 concern letters which were sent to two U.S. senators and some in the media containing anthrax spores of the Ames strain which was developed at the U.S. Army facility at Fort Detrick, Maryland. As explained on Washington's Blog "the only congress people mailed anthrax-containing letters were key Democrats, and the attacks occurred one week before passage of the freedom-curtailing Patriot Act, which seems to have scared them and the rest of congress into passing that act without even reading it."

Those are the same anthrax attacks, already discussed in an earlier post, which the Obama administration is threatening to veto the intelligence budget over if it includes a further investigation of the attacks.

One theory also put forward about the death of Frank R. Olson, is that he was killed because of his knowledge of Plague and other biowarfare attacks allegedly used against North Korea during the Korean War. The video below describes what might have happened back then in Korea.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Run, Run, The Dangerous Conspiracy Theorists Are Coming.

Well, of course, if you have something to hide, then the last person you want around is someone investigating it. Investigating the truth in the face of blatant lies from the mainstream news and governmental propaganda machine is what the 'conspiracy theorists' in many cases actually do. So what do you do if you are part of the establishment which doesn't want its secrets out? You start a smear campaign full of propaganda and patsies, something like what is going on right now, and scare people with articles like this one on Fox News about "Terrorists Targeting Children." The article goes on to describe how "the Internet often acts as the incubator and validator of dangerous conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11 and organ theft."

Dangerous conspiracies indeed! If people are stealing organs, or if elements within your own government conspire to aid terrorists or at the very least to cover-up the truth about 9/11, that is very dangerous indeed. It is even more dangerous if you know nothing about it and blindly eat up every fabricated morsel of propaganda dished out to you.

Maybe you have been following the fantastic stories of the new 'blond Al-Qaeda.' Apparently the newest development in the War on Terror is the use of blond women by the normally darker skinned male Islamofascists in their endeavors. They have names like Jihad Jane, and Jihad Jamie. What will they think of next? Maybe a wave of trained Al-Qaeda puppies?

Anyway, in one glorious hodge-podge of an article on the ABC News website, the writers manage to combine a story on Jihad Jamie and the blond Al-Qaeda wave with a reference to the role of the internet in providing forums for those with a "grudge against the government."

Expect more of this mixing of 'conspiracy theorists' with terrorists, blond Al-Qaeda, Nazis or flying dragons for that matter. The internet with its conspiracy theorists, investigators and generally unrestricted communication is a threat to the agendas of the establishment, and they don't tolerate threats. They frame them.

In another article we learn about Jihad Jamie's son, Christian. As it turns out Jamie renamed her son "Wahid." Wow, that must really play well in the Mid-West. Can you imagine?

His name was Christian! And they renamed him Wahid!

I can't wait for the Al-Qaeda puppy wave. Spot will be renamed Saeed.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

White House Threatens to Veto Intelligence Budget if it Calls for Anthrax Attack Investigation

With our country literally drowning in corruption, deception, cover-ups and scandals, the Obama White House is going to make sure that at least one FBI official story isn't going to be further investigated. Gotta clamp down on those damn investigations. Can't have the people finding out what's really going on. Hold on a second, I feel an Obama teleprompter moment coming....

This great nation, and the great and brave intelligence services which serve the people of this country, must look forward and not backward....

Blah blah blah.....shove it.

Here is a link to the article on the White House veto threat from Washington's Blog.

Tarpley on Virtual Flag Terrorism

If the government cries "cyber-attack!", they can blame it on the group or country of their choosing. Who will be able to verify if and from where a cyber-attack comes?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Iran or Bust?

War is in the air. According to an article in the Herald Scotland bunker-buster bombs are being put in position for an attack on Iran.

In earlier articles in the Hindustan TImes and The National, Ahmadinejad said he believes Israel will start a war against Iran in Spring or Summer.

The Lehman Swindle

From Cryptogon.

Faber: If You Can't Leave U.S., Build Up Assets Outside U.S., Own Property Outside of Cities And Buy Gold

As the numb-minded media and public watch on as corruption thrives and metastasizes throughout our society and the economy barrels forward into an abyss of debt, low wages and unemployment Marc Faber suggests a few things that might help.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Strange Coincidences in Wicks, Stack, and Bedell Triple Suicide Attacks

In an astounding 'coincidence' the guns used by both John Patrick Bedell and Johnny Lee Wicks not only were both bought in Las Vegas, but they both came from the same Memphis police evidence vault according to a recent AP article. Apparently it is customary for the Memphis police to sometimes sell confiscated weapons.

Joseph Andrew Stack and Johnny Lee Wicks have something else in common, they both burned down their houses before attacking governmental offices. Stack allegedly attacked the Echelon One building in Austin with his airplane enraged over the IRS, and Wicks opened fire at the Las Vegas Federal Courthouse supposedly enraged over losing Social Security benefits.

And finally several coincidences connect both Bedell and Stack. Not only were they both electrical, computer engineering specialists pursuing technical work in defense related projects, but they also both were from the same San Francisco area and also both lived for some time in Austin, TX.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Jesse Ventura Argues Truth In The Darkness Of Our Fake Mainstream History

Maybe we should expect another big attack soon, because whoever was behind 9/11 will have to do something soon to create a smokescreen to stop people like Ventura from convincing Americans that the fabrications of the mainstream media and many of our elected officials aren't to be believed in anymore.

More CIA Games With LSD?

Was the CIA spiking the bread in a French town with LSD? An article in the British newspaper The Telegraph says they did.

Considering their history with MKULTRA mind control experiments on unwitting Canadians and Americans it wouldn't surprise me.

The CIA are such nice people. Always doing good deeds for mankind.

Discovered on Cryptogon.

New Lightbulbs Contain Poisonous Mercury; Emit Radiation

Read about it. I'm sure the corporations have our best interests at heart.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Why Patsies Have Split Personalities: 'Sheep Dipping'

I wrote a previous post about typical characteristics of a patsy which were outlined in Webster Tarpley's 9/11 Synthetic Terror and compared them to John Patrick Bedell. But there is one characteristic which I left out.

One nagging element to the Bedell story and the story of other patsies such as Oswald which sticks out I would describe as a contradiction in personality, or even a split personality.

In the story of Lee Harvey Oswald, as outlined in James W. Douglass's JFK and the Unspeakable (p.61-66), we learn about contradictory elements to his actions. Actions which seem almost like two opposite types of people. Imagine someone picking pedals on a flower saying "she loves me...she loves me not....she loves me....she loves me not..." but instead saying "Oswald is an anti-communist...Oswald is a communist..." and so on. That is similar to how one feels looking at the facts of Oswald's associations leading up to the JFK assassination. Oswald is an ex-marine. He also is a defector to the Soviet Union. He visited CIA linked anti-castro leaders such as Carlos Bringuier, pledging to "train Cubans to fight against Castro." He also was seen demonstrating on the street with a sign that read "Viva Fidel" and handing out pro-Castro pamphlets. This kind of obvious complete contradiction in the character of a patsy has perhaps a very simple explanation. Part of it is real and represents the allegiance, in this case, of the patsy Oswald to his anti-castro, CIA linked handlers. The other part, the pro-Castro, pro-Communist part, is the 'sheep dipping', intended to indentify the patsy with the group which the handlers wish to scapegoat.

Can not a similar contradiction be found in the case of John Patrick Bedell?

David Parent, a professor of Bedell's in a Mercury News article tells one tale:

One of his professors remembered him as one of the best circuit design students in his class.
"He was always on time. Always prepared. Always asking that great question that sparked further discussion," professor David Parent said. "I just feel for his family."
During a news conference later in the day, Parent said, "I would have called him a gentle man and somebody seeking to help others." The professor said he wished he had taken more time to ask Bedell "'What's up?'
"Out of the 800 students who've been in that class, I remember J.P. fondly," Parent said.

The same article also tells another tale:

At the time of the shooting a bearded Bedell was wearing a suit, armed with two 9 mm semi-automatic weapons and carrying "many magazines" of ammunition. There was more ammunition in Bedell's car, which authorities found in a parking garage, Keevill said.

On the one hand he was an exemplary, punctual and talented engineering student with a linkedin page and writing research proposals for defense projects for the Pentagon, on the other hand he was cultivating marijuana in public view, getting arrested numerous times and leaving garbled web messages linking him in his perspectives to 9/11 Truth, the movement for a new 9/11 investigation, and Austrian economics.

So in the case of Bedell, the open marijuana use and interest in 9/11 and Austrian economics could be the 'sheep dipping' side of his personality, created to implicate those groups in the alleged violent attack.

Perhaps even more significant for 'sheep dipping' then anything mentioned so far is a text he left online in both audio and text format where he describes a 'criminal organization' which has taken control of our government. He describes that organization in the following paragraph:

Such an organization would be able to protect its shipments of illicit drugs into the United States, while using the power of law enforcement organizations to imprison their would-be competitors, and would subsequently be able to distribute those illicit drugs and launder the enormous profits in the huge and minutely regulated financial markets of the United States.

Compare that to this quote from Dan Russel for example:

... To this day American defense contractors are the biggest drug-money launderers in the world.— Drug War: Covert Money, Power and Policy, p.318.

or from Rodney Stich:

The drug trafficking involving the CIA, with obstruction of justice by Justice Department and other agencies continued, year after year. - Defrauding America, p. 418.

or from Michael C. Ruppert:

...drug money has become a $500-600 billion a year cash flow that is now an essential part of the world banking and financial system because it provides the liquid cash necessary to make the "minimum monthly payments" on huge stock and derivative and investment bubbles in the U.S. and Britain.

Bedell continues here:

This organization, like so many murderous governments throughout history, would see the sacrifice of thousands of its citizens, in an event such as the September 11 attacks, as a small cost in order to perpetuate its barbaric control.

I could give any number of quotes in comparison here, but how about this from 9/11 Synthetic Terror:

...We see here a tradition of thought, alive in the Schmittian-Straussian neocons of today, which would have no trouble in accommodating a crime on the scope of 9/11.

He later describes the coming to power of this organization:

This seizure of the United States government by an international criminal conspiracy is a long-established reality. The murder of the United States President in 1963, the associated murders and institutional subversion, and the manipulation of official inquiries and public opinion, was effected by individuals within organizational structures that play a central role in the United States government up to the present day.

Compare that with this passage from JFK and the Unspeakable (p.370):

The extent to which our national security state was systematically marshaled for the assassination of president John F. Kennedy remains incomprehensible to us. When we live in a system, we absorb a system and think in a system. We lack the independence needed to judge the system around us. Yet the evidence we have seen points toward our national security state, the systemic bubble in which we all live, as the source of Kennedy's murder and immediate cover-up.

His views in other words, reflect the opinion of many U.S political analysts critical of the current establishment who might very well be seeing the truth of post WWII U.S. politics. If there was such an organization as Bedell's alleged writings assume, then it would certainly benefit from 'sheep dipping' patsy Bedell in the idealogical realm of it's investigators and critics. Whether or not he actually was a patsy, his views certainly lend themselves to the task of associating ideas critical of the government with acts of violence.

Professor Parent from the Mercury News article quoted above however, seems to almost suggest something more sinister then just a lone nut who coincidentally was involved with 9/11 Truth and criticizing government as we can see from the final lines of the article:

Bedell gave no clue to the officers about what he was going to do. "He wasn't pretending to be anyone. He was wearing a coat and walked up and just started shooting."
That sounded nothing like the former student Parent thought he knew so well.
"I still can't believe this is the JP I knew,'' he said. "It's as though someone stole his identity."

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Is John Patrick Bedell A Typical Patsy?

In Webster Tarpley's 9/11 Synthetic Terror he talks about some characterists of a typical patsy. According to Wikipedia the origin of the word patsy comes from "early 20th Century vaudevillian Billy B. Van, whose character, Patsy Bolivar, was more often than not an innocent victim of unscrupulous or nefarious characters."
According to Tarpley, "if the real authorship of state-sponsored terrorism is to be successfully concealed, then a collection of scapegoats is the first ingredient required. These may be defined as the patsies, or alternatively as fall-guys, scapegoats, useful idiots, stooges or dupes."

Some typical characteristics of a patsy mentioned by Tarpley could be listed as I've done below:

1. ...Of low mental ability and great gullibility, since their mission is to be part of false-flag groups which pretend to be working for a cause, while in reality they are under the control of a private network inside the US government...

Bedell probably doesn't fit this characteristic very well, though he may have been gullible enough to be duped.

2. ...Require constant financial assistance to be able to travel around the world, as they so frequently seem to be able to do without any visible means of support.

Though reports of his whereabouts are sketchy, it is known that Bedell traveled accross the U.S. turning up in Reno and Texas at different times before he arrived in DC to commit his crime. He seems to have engaged in many research projects and lived many years without any mention of a steady job or means of earning a living. He also received financial assistance from his parents. Bedell definitely fits this characteristic to a T.

3. The most important thing about patsies are that they are almost always physically, mentally and technically unable to carry out the crimes of which they are accused. This is a matter of insufficient ability and capability, and not of the lack of criminal intent, which is often abundant.

This characteristic fits Bedell in the sense that walking up to armed guards at the pentagon metro station seems a ridiculous way of 'attacking' the pentagon, especially since he seems to have had little background with firearms. He definitely wasn't up to the task if his intent was to in some way damage or injure or kill 'agents' of the state. Though one would imagine if his only intent was injuring the guards, he could have hit a point blank target, yet the guards came away with only minor injuries. He seems on videos like a bit of a 'softie' and while wierd enough, not necessarily violent.
As pointed out in a previous post, there is also considerable doubt about how he managed to obtain a firearm, since his marijuana arrests and mental health record probably would have raised red flags during a background check. We also know from his brother that he did fail one background check. Bedell seems to fit this characteristic as well.

4. ...They have to be noticed. They must attract lots and lots of attention. They may issue raving statements on videotape, or doubles can be used to issue these statements for them if they are not up to it. They need to get into fights with passersby...Even if they are presumed dead they must remain prominent...

Well, we know from an article on that he purposely grew marijuana on his balcony in free view to anyone or any authorities, as well as forcing cops to carry him down several flights of stairs after his arrest. From the same article we know that he "was arrested in San Benito County in central California...for starting a fight about the time he violated probation." According to an article on "he was arrested after randomly approaching a 6-year-old and the child's father at Mountain View's Bubb Elementary School and threatening them with a 6-foot-long stick when they wouldn't let him join their soccer practice." He was caught speeding in Texas where he underwent a mental evaluation and he was arrested in Reno on suspicion of driving under the influence of marijuana. He also made strange video tapes and audio tapes documenting his anti-government, anti-corruption views that survived his death, as well as some very dubious writings on a bazpedia profile page as well as a research project and other downloads linking him with movements critical of the present political establishment. He definitely fits this characteristic.

5. Despite the need to be noticed as much as possible, the patsies have to stay out of jail. If they are all in jail, the planned terror action cannot take place. This is not because the patsies are needed to carry it out, but rather because they must be on hand in order to be blamed for it, whether they are on the scene or far away. If the patsies are in jail, they cannot be scapegoated. Therefore a lawyer and bail money must be provided, or a complicit judge told to release the defendant. Immigration authorities and Customs must be told to look the other way. To keep the patsies out of jail so they can serve their vital purpose is the job of the moles, as will soon be shown.

We know that Bedell spent a short time in jail a few years ago, but that would hardly have an effect on an operation which would take place much later. He managed to stay out of mental health facilities as well as jail in the recent past despite an arrest only a few weeks before the crime. He was free to carry out 'his crime.' He more or less fits this characteristic.

6. Finally, if all else goes well, it is the destiny of the patsies to take the blame for the terror action once it has happened. At this point the moles in the government apparatus, who had earlier been the patsies’ greatest friends and protectors, become their most implacable enemies. The patsies must be hunted down and, preferably, liquidated on the spot, as the British Special Air Services anti-terrorist force always prefers to do, with a maximum of firepower. Their faces and stories will be demonized as the latest manifestation of absolute evil. The nationality, philosophy, or religion which the media portray them as representing will become the target of raving vilification, arrest, economic sanctions, cruise missile retaliation, and armed invasion, as the case may be.

According to reports, Bedell was killed by the guards as he ran away after he allegedly opened fire on them point blank and missed. As in other recent cases such as the Joe Stack case, within hours we had materials from the internet which revealed his 'anti-government' views. He was quickly demonized as a 'nut case' 9/11 truther and marijuana user who criticized corruption in government. This branding of those critical of the government as 'dangerous radicals' is an obvious danger to democratic opposition in the U.S., as well as demonizing, in an already anti-intellectual American climate, anyone who forms critical opinions of the establishment. An investigation into the events of 9/11 could possibly completely bring down the entire contemporary political establishment, which uses 9/11 to justify so many of their most destructive policies, and therefore, it obviously sees the 9/11 Truth movement as a threat. Austrian economics, something also against the grain of the current political establishment, has also been tied to Bedell. Marijuana use is also something which can easily be demonized in the eyes of many people and so by combining all three with a violent act, an establishment agent or group could perhaps believe they have scored points in the war for the minds of average people, that is, if Bedell was actually a patsy, and not truly a violent lone nut.
So it seems Bedell does fit this characteristic very well indeed.

So in summary, it looks like with the exception of the first characteristic listed, Bedell fits the bill of a patsy. Bedell has at least many of the typical characteristics of a patsy. It probably is a good idea to inform ourselves about the nature of patsies, considering we might be seeing many more such characters in the near future. Unless of course, they are all just really lone wolves...

Jesse Ventura On Today Show Exposes CIA Assassinations, 9/11

Monday, March 8, 2010

U.S. Affords Army of Million Dollar Men But Not Postal Service

Every soldier in Afganistan costs one million dollars a year to support. We spend that kind of money to keep alive a neoconservative dream of world domination but we can't afford to have the mail delivered back home.

Read an article in Democratic Underground about our million dollar army and in cryptogon about 3 day a week postal schedules.

Or just read here how in the ruined newspaper The New York Times an opinion article discusses ways to save money with the Post Office. Does it dawn on anyone that maybe defense needs to be shrunk and the useless wars ended?

Long History of CIA Drug Smuggling at 9/11 Hijacker's Venice Airport Revealed

Daniel Hopsicker has revealed yet more evidence of the long history of the secret CIA drug trade at the location of Mohammed Atta's favorite flight school, Venice Municipal Airport.

Here is a link to the article from Hopsicker, found on Cryptogon.

Homeland Security Interrogation Vans For Americans

Coming soon to a public event near you. Get grilled with questions like "Are you attempting to smuggle a recording device into the expo today?"

See for yourself below.

From Prison Planet.

How Does Someone With Repeated Psychiatric Hospitalizations, Drug Arrests and Jail Time, Buy A Gun?

Some reporters and perhaps even federal investigators are all asking the same question. How did John Patrick Bedell buy a gun if as reports indicate, he had been repeatedly committed to mental institutions for bipolar disorder and spent 30 days in jail for a resisting arrest conviction? How would he have been able to pass the background check which one would imagine would have indicated any psychiatric hospitalization and also his several arrests, jail time and violations of probation? Not only that, but according to a missing person report his family filed with the San Benito Sheriffs Department, he had been detained by police for a mental evaluation only a few days before he allegedly made a $600 purchase at a shooting range. The shooting range purchase on January 10th was discovered by his mother who had come across "some information -- either from an e-mail received from a company, or an online posting on a bank account or something."

According to a website on the Firearm Background Check, it seems he actually may have been able to purchase a weapon if his psychiatric hospitalization had been voluntary, and since his conviction was not for a felony, and the drug charges were dismissed.

But then how does that correspond to accounts like this one in The Washington Post where the shooter's brother claims he failed a background check near Sacramento when he tried to purchase a gun? According to the article, the mother of the shooter claims he later made a purchase at a Washington area gun shop. Could he have been more successful there? And didn't the mother already say he spent $600 at the shooting range in Sacramento?

Update: It seems that his guilty plea for marijuana cultivation and also his arrest on suspicion of driving while under the influence of marijuana are also red flags that should have come up in his background check since "unlawful drug users" is a reason for rejection.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Grand Chessboard And Quotes From Tarpley's 9/11 Synthetic Terror

Reading Webster Tarpley's 9/11 Synthetic Terror, I stumbled upon some striking quotes from Johannes B. Koeppl, a former official in the German Defense Ministry and an advisor to the former NATO General Secretary, Manfred Woerner. Here is one such quote from 2001 perhaps familiar to some:

The interests behind the Bush Administration, such as the CFR, The Trilateral Commission -- founded by Brzezinski for David Rockefeller -- and the Bilderberger Group, have prepared for and are now moving to implement open world dictatorship within the next five years. They are not fighting against terrorists. They are fighting against citizens.

Ok, more then five years have passed, and at least outwardly perhaps Koeppl's dire prediction seems to have not yet been completely fulfilled. But I'm sure he would insist that behind the illusion of democracy in the West ""all we have now are pseudo-democracies." The parties might hate each other and play outwardly a tough football game over divisive issues, but when it comes to the central economic and foreign policy decisions, voters, at least in the U.S., are left with little choice. There is at least no question that we are moving in the direction of some kind of world government outlined by such figures as David Rockefeller in quotes like this from 1994:

This present window of opportunity, during which a truly peaceful and interdependent world order might be built, will not be open for too long - We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.

In any case, after more research on Koeppl I came upon a kind of summary of important points from Zbigniew Brzezinski's book The Grand Chessboard in the form of an article by Michael C. Ruppert on his website From The Wilderness. A few more quotes of Koeppl are present but most of the article is a kind of summary of Brzezinki's views which seem to explain perhaps one element of what is really going on today for those not satisfied with the simplistic brainwashing for the gullible (and slush fund for defense contractors) called the War on Terror. Have a look if you are having trouble believing it's all really about stopping those crazy Islamists with the shaggy beards who "hate our freedoms."

Brzezinski probably shouldn't be just lumped in with other hawkish neoconservatives. He seems to have his own brand of internationalism with a greater emphasis on diplomacy. It is interesting that Koeppl sees him as helping to create the foundations for the War on Terror. He was known, however, to be critical of the Bush administration's version of it. Just the same, his ideas about the importance of Central Asia to world power might help illuminate the underlying reasons for our occupation of two countries there at the present time, much more then emotional but thinly reasoned concepts of fighting Al-Qaeda, the guys that got us on 9/11, as they say.

Another striking quote in Mr. Tarpley's book comes from an unnamed "well-informed European" source quoted from the EIR News Service on September 24, 2001, who had this to say particularly about 9/11, the seed from which the War on Terror was born:

This was not primarily Islamic at all. I'm sure there were Islamic elements, but what is behind this, is a deeply embedded conspiratorial and organized operation, that took two-plus years to put together. These were people, who were able to make sophisticated moves on the markets, right before it happened. It was very carefully initiated and carried out, using American dissident groups, of which there are a lot, some quite violent. Probably the militia elements would have been tapped, although you have to keep in mind, they are a cover for something else. In any case, what I can say to you with certainty, this was not done by a handful of Islamic fanatics.

And lastly here is a quote from Andreas von Bülow, former Technology Minister and deputy Defense Minister of Germany, also in the book:

...planning the attacks was a masterwork, in technical and organizational terms. To hijack four big airliners within a few minutes and fly them into targets within a single hour and to do so on complicated flight routes! That is unthinkable, without backing from the secret apparatus of state and industry.

Two Different Spins On Chinese Yuan

The New York Times headline for their story on recent statements of the governor of the People's Bank of China, Zhou Xiaochuan, reads: "China’s Bank Chief Says Currency Is Unlikely to Rise." Read about the same story in the British newspaper The Telegraph, and you are met with this headline: "China ready to end dollar peg," in other words, the exact opposite.

Police Officer: Arrest and Summons Quotas to be 'Alot More' in Future

Like well managed corporate robots the police of New York have to meet their quotas. "If you don't like it, deliver pizza." says one officer.

Video originally found on Prison Planet.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Meanwhile Back in Mordor...

And these will be great marching through the decapitated cities with mushroom clouds rising in the background in the next World War!

Democracy Alive in Iceland: 93% Say No to the Bankers

“Ordinary people, farmers and fishermen, taxpayers, doctors, nurses, teachers, are being asked to shoulder through their taxes a burden that was created by irresponsible greedy bankers" said Icelandic President Olafur R. Grimsson.

They said no. Read more about it in an article from Bloomberg.

Bedell's Materials: Strange Brew of DARPA and DOPE

Both Joseph Andrew Stack (alleged suicide pilot) and John Patrick Bedell (alleged suicide shooter) were software engineers from California in the vicinity of Silicon Valley. Stack apparently worked for notorious defense contractors such as L-3. Bedell wrote a 28-page DARPA grant proposal for the Pentagon, which can be downloaded, which ends with the sentence "Mr. Bedell has an intense desire to contribute to the national security of the United States." On Bedell's download page that proposal is sandwiched in with a treatise on Austrian economics (think Ron Paul here), and a gruesome medical investigation into the death of Colonel James Sabow (think 9/11 Truth here). So on the one hand we have here two examples of his supposed interest which neatly represent two movements critical of the excesses of the military-industrial complex and seen as a threat by the present American political establishment, on the other hand he is eagerly writing proposals for Department of Defense research projects.
As Cryptogon points out about Bedell:

Conspiracy theorist, libertarian, antigovernment extremist… with, “an intense desire to contribute to the national security of the United States”?

A cnn article describes an internet posting by JPatrickBedell on marijuana:

Given my belief that cannabis prohibition is the least defensible and most unjust aspect of the prohibitionist regime existing throughout the world today, I decided in March 2006 to cultivate cannabis in full view of the world

As stated in a previous post, alleged writings of his on a 'Bazpedia' profile page seem to be some kind of nonsensical hodge podge with links to treatises on Austrian economics mixed with absurd mentions of an information currency with a marijuana standard. I'm not joking. It's nonsense and someone is having a laugh.

A posting entitled "John Patrick Bedell: Welcome to the Conspiracy Theorist Lone Nut Era" on Cryptogon lists some of these as well as other newly surfaced internet materials. There seems to be a pervasive anti-governmental corruption stance in the materials which is then at times combined with nonsense and absurdities to degrade and malign it. As in the case of Joseph Andrew Stack, one must consider the very real possibility that these materials are also being juxtaposed with the alleged violence of the perpetrator to intentionally malign and defang authentic opposition to corrupt elements of our government.

Stiglitz says Federal Reserve Undermines Democracy

Stiglitz, Nobel Prize Winning Economist, says Federal Reserve System 'Corrupt.' So reads the headline in the Huffington Post. An article on the economist's statements is also on George Washington's Blog.

Stiglitz is quoted in both articles as saying "If we [i.e. the World Bank] had seen a governance structure that corresponds to our Federal Reserve system, we would have been yelling and screaming and saying that country does not deserve any assistance, this is a corrupt governing structure."

Wow, that can't be good for the ruling oligarchy.

Bedell's Phony 'Madman' Material Surfaces

Finally a link led me to the original, and now often cited, Wikipedia page of what is alleged to be John Patrick Bedell's writings. I had previously watched videos and read some statements of his which didn't seem so utterly mad at all. But the writings on his Wikipedia page, purported to exhibit the work of a 'madman' who believes crazy things like Austrian economics and 'conspiracy theories', are so obviously phony and pasted together that I now am more convinced then ever that this whole thing is some kind of manipulation being practiced on what someone obviously thinks is a very gullible public and media. I had trouble believing Joe Stack's IRS rant, but this is really a joke. Read for yourself, it's just drivel that someone made up to try to make the intelligent people who want a proper investigation of 9/11 seem like utter raving lunatics. The trick they use is to combine intelligent government-critical observations with utter nonsense in the hopes that ordinary people will just think all individuals critical of the government are raving lunatics. My guess is that part of the text was real from somewhere, maybe the individual himself, but it was spliced together haphazardly with the absurd mumbo jumbo parts added in for effect. From the psyop's mouth:

My hope is to use the creativity of markets and advanced technology to transcend the destructive regimes that have fastened themselves upon the world. I have dreamed for an number of years of creating v:production econosystems, which I hope to apply to the creation of v:security service econosystems using new and economic mechanisms and information technology.
I have a bachelor's degree in physics from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and studied biochemistry at San Jose State University. I've studied electrical engineering with the goal of creating microsystems for molecular analysis.[1][2][3][4] You can see a proposal to use aluminum anodization as an adsorption method for DNA molecules on CMOS chips at v:DNA_integrated_circuit/proposal_import_2007 (which originates from an unsuccessful DARPA proposal to create a "microMIRV" interoperable with standard firearms ammunition), and a proposal to use xenon difluoride to create a picoliter-scale computer-controlled device for sorting biomolecules (available at v:Capillary_electrode_array/proposal_import_2007), including DNA and protein molecules. My goals include the discovery of a protein sequence for the diamondase enzyme, enabling the creation of macroscale diamond structures, and the creation of self-assembled macrosystems with CMOS DNA-integrated circuits. The scale of these and other projects have led me to develop financial instruments representing information as a tool to manage large projects that are very knowledge-intensive.
I am determined to see that justice is served in the death of Colonel James Sabow, as a step toward establishing the truth of events such as the September 11 demolitions and institutions such as the coup regime of 1963 that maintains itself in power through the global drug trade, financial corruption, and murder, among other crimes. My work to develop information currency is an effort to create a framework for information management that uses financial markets to create the economic signals (prices) that will effect complex human actions in the real world based on specified information. My desire for justice led me to violate what I think is one of the most unjust laws, cannabis prohibition, by growing 16 cannabis plants on my balcony in Irvine, CA from March 2006 to June 2006. I've posted the Orange County, CA District Attorney's complaint for this offense at .
One desired result of my effort is (will be) billions and billions of carefully cultivated, highly valuable cannabis plants growing throughout the United States with complete security of property. I have posted the image to the right in order to illustrate the use of cannabis as a monetary system using digital financial instruments. There are two information currency units in each of the PDF417 codes pictured. One of the information currency units is drawn from a series with "one gram cannabis" with the underlying asset, and the second ICU in each code has as its underlying asset the URL and the SHA-1 digest value of the file at that location (fd8205cb8b4793d43b57ba6f6c7367aa700c307a). This is a way of associating the work of Ludwig von Mises with financial value, which may be a tool to implement his ideas in reality. I hope someday to see full-reserve banking and observance of Article One, Section 10 of the US Constitution.
I apologize for the graphic content of some of my contributions, but detailed evidence is sometimes necessary to address important matters. I am very disturbed by the fact that Col. Sabow's civilian superiors and their successors have been able to continue their narco-mercantilism. For historical comparison, I might resemble the odd German still complaining about the murders of the Night of the Long Knives in 1938(?). Of course, Wikipedia didn't exist in 1938!
I am looking for collaborators for ongoing commercial and intellectual efforts. Email to jpbedell at is welcome!

Vision of the Future?

a quick glance into the very near future... through rush hour crowds one stumbles out of the Times Square subway station to look up and see on the giant telescreen the latest anti-government villian displayed by Homeland Security. His name is Robert Brooks Evans and he is the latest 'white Al Qaeda' to commit a violent anti-government act in the Homeland. Video footage of the incident, which for security reasons cannot be revealed, is told to show the Hate criminal firing a pellet gun at an armored police vehicle. The telescreen describes how books on 9/11 conspiracy theories and the pellet gun, both outlawed recently by the Anti-Gun and Terrorist Paraphenalia Act of 2011, were found in the criminal's apartment which he shared with his mother. Luckily for the frightened population he was caught and and is awaiting a military tribunal proceeding at one of the government camps. One of the policemen in the vehicle, Officer Brad Debrave, was injured slightly by the Hate criminal, but is recovering at home and is in good condition. During the gunfight, Officer Debrave, a true American hero, was hit on his body armor and knocked to the ground by the force of the pellet gun, but his military training after five tours in Iran suddenly clicked into gear and he returned fire and managed to apprehend the wounded Hate criminal. The thousands of small lights change on the telescreen to next reveal an advertisement to join the military and help join the hundreds of thousands of Americans fighting and dying in what has now nearly become a World War in the Middle East...

Washington Post says 'Pentagon Guards Trained For Attack'

A Washington Post article describes two ex-military Pentagon guards who "did exactly what they were trained to do," when John Patrick Bedell opened fire. Interestingly, the article describes the two guards as "grazed by bullets, treated for minor injuries and released Thursday night." This is surprising given what one would assume was the point blank nature of the attack.

A press release on the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority website also describes a drill taking place a little more then a week ago which simulated "gunfire between two shooters in the station. "

A previous Of Goats And Men post outlines how often drills have been known to strangely coincide with terror events.

Again, as in the Stack case, besides the similarity that both California software engineer perpetrators were working on defense related projects, also many of the participants of both events were ex-military. In the Stack case, both the victim Vernon Hunter as well as the 'hero' Robin De Haven were both ex-military. So when one reads in the Washington Post article how for one of the Pentagon guards who was an ex-Marine "the training just snapped in and [he] just reacted," this can't help but remind us of Robin De Haven who mentioned in an interview with Wolf Blitzer that his army training also snapped in to gear.

BLITZER: What was going through your mind?

DEHAVEN: My -- my Army training. I spent six-and-a-half years in the Army and two -- two tours in Iraq -- was -- was going through my head. And I figured I -- I could do something.

I'd -- I've had some -- some experience in triage and -- and battlefield with IEDs and RPGs and gunfire. And -- and that's the first thought was maybe I could help, because I'm more used to dealing with traumatic situations like that. I have a clear head and a calm head -- to try to help those people. And luckily I did.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Military Industrial Complex Can't Wait to get Establishment Paws on Last Bastion of Free Communication

An excellent article on Prison Planet details how we might just be one cyber-9/11 away from an i-Patriot Act.

Another Software Engineer from CA Goes on Apparent Suicidal Rampage

We had Joseph Andrew Stack, now we have John Patrick Bedell.
Again a software engineer from California has made the news. This time he has shot two policemen at the Pentagon's metro station. He was gunned down afterwards and died of his wounds. This time, his alleged anger with the government was not over the IRS, according to news reports, but with the alleged suicide of Colonel James Sabow, and with the government's cover up of the real events of 9/11.

Apparently a deleted wikipedia profile page revealed the following statement of someone with the same name as the shooter:

I am determined to see that justice is served in the death of Colonel James Sabow, as a step toward establishing the truth of events such as the September 11 demolitions and institutions such as the coup regime of 1963 that maintains itself in power through the global drug trade, financial corruption, and murder, among other crimes.

The shooting fits in conveniently with the opinion piece a few months ago of Arnaud De Borchgrave who had mysteriously attempted to link 9/11 truth with the Fort Hood shooter as a dangerous threat.

This shooting is being described in media reports as the efforts of a "right-wing extremist with virulent antigovernment feelings."

From Bedell's Linkedin Profile we find a similar collection of tech companies as we associated previously with the Joe Stack case. It will be interesting to see if this similarity has any meaning.

Below is a video which is claimed to represent him speaking about a project of his, Information Currency.

He also has a website where proposals of his on 'DNA integrated circuits' can be downloaded.

These may be related to proposals which according to an article on, "outlined his idea for DNA nanotechnology research that might "provide significant new capabilities for the Department of Defense and the individual warfighter."

Uptdate: Cryptogon has identified the 28 page proposal, here is the link.