Saturday, June 5, 2010

Is Deepwater Horizon Not Being Blown Up Because BP Secretly Hopes To Drill From It Again?

From Business Insider

I've got my own suspicions along these lines. Sometimes I have the feeling I should take Obama and Biden as nothing more then con men at this point. They fix zero, they just pretend to. Every solution Obama finds on closer examination turns out to be nothing more then a giveaway to corporations disguised as some kind of well-intentioned liberalism. So we have well-intentioned liberal bailouts of Wall Street. We have well-intentioned liberal wars of aggression in Central Asia. We have well-intentioned liberal torture and surveillance. We have well-intentioned liberal health insurance corporation bailouts. We have well-intentioned liberal appeasement of Israeli aggression. We might soon have a well-intentioned liberal attack on Iran.

The BP attempts to close the well paraded everyday on CNN seem nothing more then a charade for the low brainpower folks. Which generates the feeling, if they really just wanted to close the well, they would. The problem is, exploding the well would stop it, but it would also seal up the well from ever being used again, according to the article linked above.

Maybe Obama is just a corporate android who does absolutely what his higher-ups tell him? Maybe they have told him, "this well needs to stay open."

I wouldn't be surprised. His talk of going to bed every night frustrated over the disaster and his daughter theatrically asking him if he closed the well, sounds like a lot of PR baloney to me. Same old show. Everything seems like a scripted lie today. Maybe it is.


  1. We'll all slowly wake up to this colossal deception being foisted off on us just like 9/11. Right now across the internet, the evidence is slowly being gathered which will inevitably expose this chicanery for the insane provocation which it is. Your observations concerning Obama approach the unspeakable and shocking reality of his prefabricated and psychically trauma-engineered split personality. I'm personally convinced that he has been mind-control manufactured from day one, quite literally. If you've ever read the excellent work of Walter Bowart, Alex Constantine or "Trance Formation in America" by Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips, you already realize the extent of massive mind control operations across the nation and the world, and the terrible consequences we've been experiencing for years if not decades.

  2. if they blow it up everybody who as an oil well will want to own a bomb