Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wheeler Smoke Bomb Story Is Clearly Bogus

From CNN.

One of the many issues about Wheeler is that he had been involved in a lengthy legal fight with a couple building a new home across the street in a historic district of New Castle, a project opposed by Wheeler.
The dispute may have become contentious but Wheeler's attorney, Bayard Marin, said "I can't recall a confrontation" and "Everything seemed to be kept within normal bounds."
Thornblom discounted speculation Wheeler would have been involved in an alleged smoke bomb incident at the construction site of the house.
"This is so out of character and I can tell you right now, all of us at West Point went through demolitions and mine-clearing technique training and even how to construct field expedient napalm. If Jack had wanted that house disappointed or burnt down, he would've done it. Nobody would have known about it. And he certainly wouldn't have been stupid enough to leave his iPhone there," Thornblom said...

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  1. Sounds suspiciously like the passports of the 9-11 high jackers flying out of crashed plane, through the debris of three collapsed, pulverized buildings being found at ground zero. Keep up the great work. I'm a new fan (via Cryptome)!