Saturday, January 22, 2011

Member Of Infragard Writes To Infowars

If you don't know what InfraGard is, have a look here.

From Prison Planet.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


I am a member of Infragard. I was asked to join but only after I had heard about them from Alex and Jesse Ventura. I decided to go ahead and join to see if all of the bad things happened to be true. Most of it is. I now average about 3hrs of sleep a night reading the reports they post.

Some of it is quite sad. We need to all be on guard against the federal government, as they are now putting all people who are politically active on a watch list. Funny thing is my family knows I am a member of Infragard and I told them to watch stories I post on facebook. since I have cannot say specifically what I know I can scour the internet for someone who wrote a story about it and post that.

Most of the stories are coming from infowars. So you guys are on the money with what is happening. Keep it up. I now have family and friends going to infowars everyday, and listening online so they can have a bit of a clue why I cannot sleep.

God Bless,

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