Thursday, January 6, 2011

What was Mr. Wheeler Doing In Wilmington?

John Wheeler was last seen alive and captured on surveillance cameras near, as well as inside, the Nemours Building in Wilmington around 8:30pm on December 30. It's part of a complex of buildings related to the chemical giant Dupont, which also has main offices nearby. The hotel where Mr. Wheeler was staying is also nearby, the Hotel Du Pont. (Why Mr. Wheeler was staying at a hotel in Wilmington is also an interesting point, since his house was less then ten miles away in the town of New Castle.)

I havent been able to find a full tenant list for the Nemours building, but on google maps it could be clearly seen that Greenberg and Traurig is one of the tenants of the building. It might be of interest that Greenberg and Traurig is a firm associated with 9/11 financing plots by some as well as having important connections to the Bush family as well as 9/11 law suits.

An office of the Secret Service is just two blocks down the road on North King Street.

A video has been released of a confused Mr. Wheeler holding his shoe in his hand searching around a car park a couple days before he was found dead. This was taken at the Colonial Parking Garage outside the New Castle County courthouse several blocks down the road on North King Street and not far from the Amtrak terminal where he arrived in Wilmington from Washington DC. Nearby is also a federal building at 301 North Walnut Street containing the offices of Senator Tom Carper. Who knows if that is of any significance whatsoever.

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