Sunday, January 9, 2011

9-Year Old Arizona Shooting Victim Born on 9/11 and Other Strangeness...

The 9-year old victim, Christina Green, was born on 9/11.

In another interview, Roxanna Green said she hoped her daughter’s death might lead to a “coming together, to stop the violence and hatred and evil words and for us to bring awareness there are people out there who have these problems and we have to protect our government officials.”

Update: If that wasn't crazy enough, Christina has a famous grandfather...Dallas Green, "major league baseball pitcher and manager of the Phillies when they won the 1980 World Series."

The husband of Gifford is an astronaut about to lift off into space on April 1, 2011.

9/11, Astronaut, and now even baseball!

So everything pulls on all the American heartstrings...I don't want to be distasteful here, but it almost seems just a little contrived doesn't it?

What other "lone wolves" have we had recently? They have all been covered on this blog.

Joseph Andrew Stack, Johnny Lee Wicks, John Patrick Bedell, James Jay Lee and now Jared Lee Loughner...

Do the Mk-Ultra people have a fondness for names that start with J? Do they really like the name Lee which appears three times?

I heard CNN pronounce Loughner like law-ffner. What if you pronounced lough like the word dough. What do you get? Loner. Jared Lee Loner, as in lone wolves or lone gunman

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