Saturday, January 8, 2011

Blogs Add To Loughner Info And Interpretation...

Fed Up Montrealer has found an Arizona Supreme Court record of Loughner's.

Ararisq on ATS makes a convincing case for Loughner himself being some kind of mind control patsy in the great tradition of Lee Harvey Oswald or Mark David Chapman...

I would like to present the case for controlling conspiracy which will arise out of the Jared Lee Loughner attempted assassination of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

There are other threads discussing the breaking the news surrounding the shooting. The media, political hacks, and disinformation agents are out in force and would have you believe that Jared Lee Loughner was either a member of the Tea Party movement wanting to assassinate a Democratic Congresswoman at the behest of Sarah Palin or that he was a hard core Progressive, based on his favorite books and movies, out to remove a Blue Dog Democrat that had voted against his agenda.

I would like to offer up that he is neither. I do not know what we will found out or if the truth will ever be known but I do know that if we review the YouTube videos posted by Loughner that he is far beyond a casual conspiracy enthusiast. He is the worst possible representative of conspiracy theorists. His videos portray a mind that is clearly at war with itself, one that has lost a complete grip with reality, and one that no one can help but condemn.

In the early hours after the event, Loughner has been portrayed as many things, but when the dust settles he will be known as a someone with a mind troubled by conspiracies, someone distrusting of government, and as he said in his farewell message, "[unable to] rest". It is left to be seen how those that knew Loughner will describe him in the days leading up to the shooting but if I had to guess I would believe he took a turn for the worse in the past year.

As of this moment, there are contradictions as to who Jared Lee Loughner is. In his YouTube video, his anti-government statements and fear of mind control come checked with the statement that Loughner was also a “United States Military recruit at MEPS in Phoenix” and there is also an unconfirmed report that Loughner had been deployed to Afghanistan at one point. It starts to come across as eerily similar to Lee Harvey Oswald.

It is hard to deny that if one were to design the perfect storm attack which would put all of those that are at odds with the government in the cross hairs, that this is it. He can be a liberal to the right because his favorite books include "Mein Kampf", "A Brave New World", and "The Communist Manifesto", he can be a conservative to the left because he targeted a Democratic Congresswoman, and he can be the poster boy for those holding non-mainstream / anti-government views. The perfect patsy because no one can do anything but universally condemn him...

He can be the image of everything you despise regardless of ideology.

I would pose the following questions -

1) Are we sure that the Congresswoman was his target? A number of other people were killed including a Federal Judge which had been in protective service due to death threats. Did the target even matter or was she just the weakest link in whatever act is being played out?

2) Did Jared Lee Loughner make the videos in that YouTube channel? I 100% do not believe they were made after the fact, his name is all over the videos and they were added months ago according to YouTube - but they make no sense at all. All they do is provide the only accessible evidence to the public about who Loughner was -- a nut-job obsessed with conspiracies.

3) Who benefits the most from having Jared Lee Loughner as the gunman? Defend the constitution - you must support Loughner, speak out against disarming the public - you must support Loughner, speak out against congress or tell someone about the latest conspiracy theory - you might be a Loughner in the making.

4) Why did it take EMS 30 minutes to arrive on the scene?

5) Where is the video of the incident - I highly doubt that a congresswoman at a political event is not being filmed?

6) Initial reports indicated a second shooter which have now been dismissed - but it again smells very similar to the Lee Harvey Oswald case.

I just want to ask people before making rash judgement about this case to consider all of the information and how uncommon it all is. A former veteran, deluded with thoughts of being mind control, making incomprehensible videos and statements, having ideologies all over the spectrum, having no respect for life, suddenly deciding that he cannot rest and decides to take it out on a political figure - a congresswoman and multitudes of other people. There is more at work here than an a Tea Party or Progressive member gone postal. I'm not a MKULTRA believer - but this seemed to resemble the template definition of an MKULTRA event from what I have seen.

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  1. "convincing" might be overstating it a bit. I would have used a word like "hilarious."