Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year: 19 killed in US drone attacks in Pakistan

The pentagon doesn't care about silly things like the Geneva Conventions or morality. Hell, kill those removing the wounded. That's the American way. Uh, like, why are we there in their country? I dunno, just to kill I guess, defend our corrupt empire, and maybe test out some weapons.

From Prison Planet and PTI

The unmanned spy planes fired four missiles at the vehicle, killing at least five Taliban fighters and injuring several others.

A Predator drone fired two missiles at a suspected militant hideout at Ghoresta area of Spin Wam sub-division in the second strike, killing six militants.

The third strike targeted persons who were removing bodies and the injured at the site of the first attack in Spin Wam. At least four militants were killed in this attack, officials said.

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