Tuesday, November 16, 2010

TSA Groin Checks

Find out what happens to a man who says to a TSA "god" that he shouldn't touch his "junk" or be arrested.

Listen to the CNN bullshit artists use the "underwear bomber" as a reason for groin checks. The same "underwear bomber" who was helped on a plane by a mysterious agent and had his visa purposely not revoked by a U.S. intelligence agency. Listen to the bimbo corporate puppet talk about how "groin checks" are necessary. This absurdity is grotesque.


  1. Love this site. Not sure why you don't get more comments.

  2. Thanks. Maybe people are shy? Too upset after they read about our bizarre age of absurdity?

    Comments come with the hits I think. When I had thousands a day discovering things about joe stack I had quite a few. But stuff like that doesn't happen everyday.