Saturday, November 6, 2010

Norwegian US spy ring that may have monitored WikiLeaks event in Oslo at Grand Hotel, busted

From TV 2

TV 2 revealed Wednesday night that the United States in the deepest secrecy has built up an intelligence group to systematically monitor the Norwegians . TV 2 has identified seven of the total of 15-20 people who have worked for the Americans. But Thursday was TV 2 handed over a list of four additional names from a secret source.


  1. it is being investigated now verified allegations in sweden to.

    Hightreason ( or so they say) if swedish government or secret police was aware and allowed it to go on from 2000 and forward. So is the song in sweden currently. Funny though.. people are not as mad as the media.. wonder why? In sweden the media conglomerate Bonnier family owns just about all media. The other media is two other families. All in all three families rule the media. Need i say more?

    the king has been outed in a book that details his sorted night life way back and is becoming big international news. Sweden is a monarchy, yet a part of EU.

    one wonders if sweden suddenly is the cross hairs of divide and conquer since the swedish party sweden democrats, a anti immigrant party, was voted in this election.. or is the preparations for a take over sweden by israeli/US interests?

    Russia will have a pipeline with russian navy patrolling the waters just outside the island of Gotland in the baltic sea. Also add to that that terror have always been used to make US presence viable for protection of american interests. i do believe sweden is in the crosshairs of geopolitical gangsters, inside and outside government. Swedens foreign minister, Carl Bildt, a ( also attending several bilderberg meetings) was busted a few years ago with being a member of gazprom board and having shares in gazprom..conflict of interest anyone? The pipeline have always been denied and suddenly it was not. the presence in afghanistan was prolonged untill at least 2014..

    See this map

    Any international thought on why sweden releases this type of information that has been going since 2000? please don't give me they didn't knew..untill now.


  2. As commenter stated

  3. About the US presence in sweden...

    "I fjol övade ryska styrkor landstigning utanför Kaliningrad i i den största övningen sedan 1981. Och i september i år sade den amerikanske marinchefen amiral Gary Roughead i SvD att USA ska öva oftare i Östersjön, officiellt efter att de baltiska Nato-länderna krävt det." from

    Roughly translated

    "Last year russian forces held ground invasion/landing exercises outside Kaliningrad in the biggest exercise since 1981. In September the American Marine cheif Admiral Gary Roughead told SvD that US will have exercises more often in the Baltic sea, officially by request of the Baltic NATO countries."

    so to sum up, sweden is in the air, assange has everything to do with it, no wonder he did not get to stay in sweden. He was never supposed to. US has made their increased presence known and it is surely not a coincidence. Given the russian exercises and the Russian interests in the protection/controll of the pipeline to germany and elsewhere.

    Who knows, there might be more to this then meets the eye.