Thursday, November 25, 2010

UK student protests turn violent, crowds smash police bus in London

Unlike the apathetic American youth who proudly display their American flags in their apartments and have better things to do then protest and get arrested, the youth of England actually expect their government to do something more for them then just send them to senseless wars. The result? A little anarchy in the UK.

From Russia Today.


  1. wow! anarchy in the UK indeed. the thin veneer of our supra-ego educational conditioning and societal integuments are being stripped away to reveal a very unsavory underbelly of repressed libidinal rage and violence. while we may find it somewhat gratifying to see the push back against the institutional violence of the elite financial and statist hegemony, the presence of provocatuers and police agents á la Toronto and Denver must be acknowledged.Unfortunately this kind of engineered chaos can only benefit the agencies of state repression which are just itching to break down our doors and haul us away.

  2. i understand the idea that chaos works in the favor of statists who then come in and lock everything down, but its also possible that protests can stimulate courage in the population to resist tyranny, and those same lock downs can further more resistance.

    im not sure that an absense of protest necessarily doesnt also work to the favor of the establishment. basically i don't have a clear vision as to which is better in the long run, yet i wonder at which point people, young or old, will get angry enough in this country to offer some kind of massive protests. we are seeing some signs of resistance with latest TSA groping issue.

    in any case large scale peaceful protests are probably better at achieving goals then breaking windows and torching police cars.