Thursday, November 25, 2010

9/11 Witness/Survivor Murdered with Freemason Sword

UPDATE: Police refused to enter building for nearly an hour despite cries of help from victim...also confirmation of 9/11 connection from Atlanta Examiner, Yahoo , and also News 6

This is the headline:

From The Washington Post.

Michael Brea allegedly killed mother with Freemason sword

The fact that I found interesting is this one:

From Kellyworldnews

Yannick Brea was a hotel worker who survived the 9/11 attacks, leaving her job at the World Trade Center Marriott before the twin towers collapsed, neighbors said.

Or from the Daily Mail:

Brea's mother had apparently worked at the Marriott at the World TradeCenter.
But the slain woman did not work again after the hotel was destroyed in the September 11 terrorist attacks neighbours said.

That, and then of course in combination with this:

Brea's aunt said her nephew had attended a Freemasons meeting in Brooklyn on Monday and it was reported that is where he got the sword from.
But it is now being claimed he belonged to an unsanctioned 'clandestine' group which is not governed by the official Freemasons body.
'There are groups out there in Brooklyn and elsewhere that call themselves Freemasons but they are not recognized by the Grand Lodge of the State of New York,' according to an official from one of Brooklyn’s two recognised lodges, neither of which had a meeting Monday night.
'Anyone who knows the rituals can go and say "I’m going to form a lodge." But they are not recognised. They are called clandestine,' the official said today.


  1. very interesting post, George. you delve much more deeply into this disturbing incident than most and, as with any perceptive analysis, raise as many questions as are seemingly answered here.

  2. Although there is no evidence Brea was a member of the Fraternity, frankly it sounds if he just snapped. First no swords are used in Masonic ritual other then symbolically.
    Second generally his statements are conflicting. Freemason wouldn't generally rant Biblical passages and tell someone "they never accepted Jesus". As well Freemason and anti-Freemason websites have information about the rituals and terminology used. So anyone could say' Grand Architect of the Universe" and not be a member.
    Lastly there are literally hundreds of thousands of swords made with Masonic or symbols of concordant bodies on them. Check on ebay or walk into any antique store and I bet you find quite a few. They were made for members for over 100 years and are floating around. I even know someone who found one in the attic of the house he recently bought. Must have belonged to the previous owner, an elderly couple.

    Some news reports stated it was a samurai sword. Until the facts are in please don't speculate as it just feeds the rumor mill.

  3. thanks for your comments tin machine, but i am not speculating, I am passing on information.

    is the freemason connection, his visit to the meeting, as well as the sword, significant or irrelevant? i don't know. is the 9/11 connection irrelevant? not sure. until there is more information, I am leaving it at that point of not knowing.