Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Google Shuts Down Alex Jones Youtube Channel, Cites Wikileaks Collateral Murder Video As Reason

From Prison Planet.

...Google-owned You Tube yesterday moved to freeze the popular Alex Jones Channel, which has well over 100,000 subscribers and has had over 75 million views. You Tube made a spurious claim that the channel had violated “community guidelines” by posting a segment from the infamous Wikileaks Apache footage, when the footage is in fact posted in greater length on hundreds of other You Tube channels, including Al Jazeera, Russia Today and CBS News.


  1. I am surprised they did not shut his channel down long ago. control and more control.

  2. what this means is that Wiki and Infowars are soon to outlive their usefulness to their controllers. I can assure you that after the hyperbolic fringe media hysteria that Wiki and Jones will assume their controlled opposition with a renewed vehemence, but only for the while. Hey, I've been wrong before. Wiki is a fraud and so is Jones. Keep us "posted", George. you're awesome.

  3. hey yard. like ive said before, i judge people on their actions, and i believe both jones and wikileaks are a thorn in the side of the military-industrial-financial powers that be, the ones really running the show. thats why i find the fraud theories about them hard to believe.
    for example i believe jones and his listeners helped to encourage a resistance to the TSA recently with their articles. And I can't think of any organization or media outlet which has done more damage to the pentagon's "PR wing" then WIkileaks. they're next target is a bank. curious now that the crackdown begins in earnest. to me wayne madsen's criticism of wikileaks seems irrational and almost emotional, rather then supported by facts.

  4. Alex has been right about a lot of things and the government are all frauds full of lies . They just want to control every thing and every one. So if alex jones is fake , why don't the media report on this one world government one global currency the Chem trails in the sky flu vaccines and what else they have been putting in them. If you go on u tube you can see bill gates talking population control, who made him god. Also they weather machine harrp come media repot some proper news. How about china taking all American water . Wake up people and do some thing .

  5. well now its all very confusing because tarpley is saying assange is mkultra and jones is throwing his weight behind attacking it too. but i mean cmon!
    whats going on here?
    wikileaks is hated by gingrich, lieberman, pentagon etc....and also hated by jones and tarpley as well?
    like i said. if wikileaks is some big fake, then im a fool and will apologize for my error, but i dont see it. i think something is going wrong here in the alternative media that everyone is attacking everyone else which is nothing new anyway. time will tell.