Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dubai cargo plane bomb was on two passenger flights before discovery

Ok, one came first on a passenger plane. This could explain the lack of cargo planes coming from Yemen. But what about the other one? The one which apparently was NOT on a passenger plane first?

Also, what was intended, to blow up a plane? Why send the package on a multiple plane route? And if the bomb was already on several planes, why didn't they detonate it? Why address the bombs to Synagogues in Chicago? Who would be able to read an incinerated package blown up at 30,000 feet?

Also is it common that passenger planes carry cargo? Why then bother screening passenger luggage so carefully if the cargo isn't? It makes sense to offload luggage of passengers who don't show up, but what about all that cargo being sent unaccompanied?

From The Guardian.

Qatar Airways statement comes as Yemen arrests female university student on suspicion of sending two mail bombs

One of the two mail bombs found on US-bound cargo aeroplanes had travelled on two separate passenger flights before being found, a spokesman for Qatar Airways said today.


  1. (I'm the same guy who commented on your last post.)

    I think they are just trying to fill the gaps of a poorly written script...

    What surprises me most though is the silence of major "alternative" news sites such as cryptogon .com whose scope is and I quote

    "This site will strive to disseminate information and perspectives that have been ignored, covered up or otherwise belittled by government, media, and corporations."

    Another fine example is "the intel hub".On both these sites there is no reference to the cargo plane bombs.interesting?suspicious?disillusioning?you judge.that's a different kind of puzzle...

    I think we are manipulated on multiple levels.When presented with any kind of news always proceed with an open mind,good judgment and a certain amount of disbelief whatever the source of the news is!

    closing I would like to thank you George for your great points on this misty case of the cargo bombs.

  2. thanks bill. cryptogon is a great site though. we all have our preferences what to cover. i haven't covered the election for example. i wouldnt read too much into it.

    in reference to the cargo plot, i agree with your assumption that they are filling in a script, or making one up.

  3. I have to correct my self at this point as I just saw that the intel hub had articles about mail bombs but not on the inernational news section!My bad and an apology to the people of the intel hub!