Saturday, February 20, 2010

Joseph Andrew Stack Had 9/11, NSA, and Homeland Security Related Defense Contractor Clients

(Updated 24/2/10)

The client list from the software programmer believed to have crashed his plane into the Echelon* building in Austin Texas reads like a guidebook to defense contractors with connections to 9/11, NSA and Homeland Security.

The FBI had his webpage removed (the screen message previously said that the FBI had it removed) from the internet, but of course the client list from the webpage has been archived. As first discovered by Cryptogon, the client list has corporations on it such as Interstate Electronics Corporation, which needed Mr. Stack's help on developing a GPS-based Fight Management System of all things. IEC is a wholly owned subsidiary of L-3 which is a defence contractor with obvious Homeland Security and NSA connections. There is also this report from Wayne Madsen on Oped News of an L-3 consultant to the NSA who had watched a live feed of the first 9/11 plane impact as it happened. L-3 is included among corporations which were investigated by the SEC for unusual stock put-options in relation to 9/11.**
Cylink Corporation***, another on Mr. Stack's client list had as it's Chief Executive Officer, William P. Crowell who "came to Cylink from the National Security Agency, where he held a series of senior positions, including Deputy Director of Operations and the Deputy Director of the Agency. From 1989 to 1990, Crowell served as a vice president at Atlantic Aerospace Electronics Corporation, now a subsidiary of Titan Systems, leading business development in space technology, signal processing and intelligence systems."
Hughes Aircraft, one of Stack's clients, developed the ground mission control segment of the Global Hawk. Another Stack client, Teledyne, is the prime contractor for the Global Hawk, and L-3 supplied its communications system.****
Other clients on the list such as DMC Stratex Networks, AEI Kongsberg and Sorrento Electronics appear also to be defense contractors and probably a closer examination of these and other corporations on Stack's client list will reveal more interesting details.

*Note: the name echelon itself refers to a "signals intelligence (SIGINT) collection and analysis network" coordinated by the NSA.

Update: see also Joe Stack co-owned hanger with Homeland Security Initiative Program Manager and Embedded Tenants

**As if that weren't enough, L-3 is among corporations cited by Elliot Spitzer as "having been used by Wall Street brokers in “pump and dump” schemes which cost unwary investors tens of millions of dollars" according to Mad Cow Morning News. Also from Mad Cow we learn that Titan Corporation, a subsidiary of L-3, invested in SkyWay Aircraft, a phony company according to Hospicker, whose DC9 was caught with 5.5 tons of cocaine in the Yucatan in 2006. The article also mentions SkyWay's connections to "military intelligence" and the Bush Family and their supporters. Another article from Mad Cow reveals as well the apparent involvment of other interesting Republican Party leaders. (In a later post it has also been revealed Joseph Stack apparently co-owned his hangar at the Georgetown Municipal Airport with someone with the same name as an L-3 executive working for Homeland Security in Austin)
The L-3 subsidiary which Stack worked for, Interstate Electronics Corporation, is chased by at least one story of corruption as well. An article in Defense Industry Daily explains that IEC supplied defective parts used in CSEL emergency radios to locate downed military pilots. Hopefully they were more careful when they had that service contract for the Trident II Missile.

***From Cryptome, "Cylink Corporation has made encryption security products for networking, for over 16 years. Those products are built by foreign nationals and used by businesses, banks and governments around the world, including in the United States. Cylink has managed to export product without United States restriction, including to embargoed nations."

****Hughes Aircraft is also tied by some to the death of Danny Casolaro. Also of interest, we learn from Kevin Ryan's article on 9/11 that the former President of Hughes Aircraft, James Abrahamson, became director of Stratesec (responsible for WTC security after '93) in December 1997.


  1. Thanx for the info. Keep fighting the Good Fight...


  3. So the nest question, after "Did Joe Stack really torch his house and fly into the IRS building within half an hour?" is: was Joe Stack even in that plane?

  4. Did he leak some secrets on his annual visits to Norway? His IRS indebtedness and money woes are stated but not proved or quantified.

  5. Good work, keep on digging! With enough people working on this and other things like this, we can cut through the bullshit and get to the bottom of things.

  6. If Stack were as smart as friends have made him out to be, he might have put two and two together and gleamed a bit of reality that we the masses shouldn't look upon.

    If this blog post is true.

    I am

  7. More info about Joe Stack the pilot - license, history, ratings, plane ownership, hanger location.

    That's not a goat in your lead photo, it's a 1 1/2 year old Desert Bighorn sheep.

  8. list of clients

  9. so where is Joe Stack? Witness protection or dead? The other questions is why? Figure out the "why" part, and most of the puzzle is solved.

  10. The clildren gaze into triangulated mirrors seeing infinite images of themselves off into the distance while the adults sit and yak about this and that, ignoring them.
    Will be a different country in twenty years, rest assured.

  11. If it smells fishy thats because there is fish. What is interesting is the fact only one person other than Komiksy Joe died as a result. For such a small dept to the Government/IRS all of this does not add up.

  12. Could he have been offed because he knew too much?

  13. Good work. Keep it up.

  14. If stack was apart of all of the companies listed then possibly he used tech from Global Hawk to program and fly the plane unmanned into the IRS building...

    And Stack is on the run or in deep cover hiding from who or what one can only wonder.

    just a thought.

  15. i agree with anonymous' comments, though s/he seems to talk a lot.

  16. yep hes on some beach outside the US lots of money drinking good beer

  17. A man looking at the aproaching plane took notice of something interesting .

    There was no pilot in the airplane front seats but blue colored plastic barrels tied to them with the seat belts ...

    The man does not want to go public fearing for his life, he also told that the airplane hit the earth enbankment near the building not the building itself, evidently there is a coverup
    as the airplane in fact was a flying missile
    that if having hit the building directly it might had totaly destroyed it killing everry person inside it .

    Such information is being already verified
    the airplane did not hit the building directly .. and is not being made public by FBI ..


  18. Prophecies(dot)org The Two Witnesses Are About To Appear!

  19. Wow, so can one extrapulate from all this that there will be something bigger down the pike?


  21. He knew about the globle hawk, that was used on 911,i.e., unmaned planes flown by remote control, that's why there was never any DNA found of any of the so-called hijacker's, passenger there were none, the real planes that left that moroning were switched for the drons, that's why all communications with those plane were shut down...
    We are on the real track here folks, keep up the real hard work, keep digging and we will one day have enough to hang the perps of 911 at least the ones who are still alive, meaning most of the perps have been offed to keep there mouths shut...Oh, but there's more but not here...
    Just one more point building 7 was blown to cover up the evidence,i.e., camera's detenater's etc. Larry Silverstien, who bought the leases, first thing he did was rework the insurance policies to include terrorist attacks, the only buildings in the world that was insured for terrorist attacks, you do the math...

  22. I think many people have done the math and have come to similar conclusion .
    I for one am convinced building 7 was used as "control room" for the NY theater ,it just had to go.some years ago a German defense official uttered the same idea.
    And why is echelon still standing ? don't buildings usually collapse after being hit by a plane (or nothing in the case of wtc 7 )

  23. Since 1913 and before, the secret societies have conspiracies working toward this end..the demise of the U S of A. Recently, the deaths of 3 Tesla workers are an example. Too close to too many truths....Tesla had so much freedom for us with his technology.

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