Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Once Again, Fox Masquerades GOP Activist As Concerned Parent To Attack Unions

I understand that Media Matters in its criticism of Alex Jones is completely off the mark. However the Tea Party is foolish to attack unions.

Why is it so hard for the Tea Party, or even some in the libertarian right to understand? It is the powerful, the corporate oligarchs and the elite, who want the unions gone. They want the middle class to suffer, and they want more money for themselves. That isn't freedom but exploitation.

The progressive left is equally foolish when it attacks 9/11 Truth, Alex Jones, or the Second Amendment.

Why is it so hard to see that 9/11 Truth, the libertarian right, as well as the unions, and the progressive left, need to get together to fight the real enemy, namely, the corrupt establishment (both corporate and government) pulling the strings in the shadows of America, leading it further into financial ruin, brutal inequality, a police state, and needless war and imperialism.

Ron Paul and Ralph Nader have suggested such an alliance. Perhaps it is the only alliance which could advert a catastrophe for America in the future. Stop bickering and find the common ground against the common enemy.

From Media Matters.

This morning, Fox & Friends hosted an "upset Wisconsin parent" to discuss her objection to Wisconsin public schools' teaching of labor union history. Left unsaid during the segment: The parent, Amber Hahn, is also a local GOP official...

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