Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Julian Assange And Raymond A. Davis.

From Sabbah Report.

Julian Assange has not broken any laws. He has assisted democratic debate by transmitting material showing how the US terrorizes other countries and routinely murders people in course of its illegal wars. He acts to reveal corruption and government crime. President Obama asserts vaguely but with a demagogue's conviction that Mr Assange "puts lives at risk" but has never put any evidence forward. Rather, Mr Assange's work saves lives. He says he wants to reveal the truth and that is what he does. As the US Central Intelligence Agency's motto goes, "…the truth shall make you free". The fact is that the United States and the CIA hate truth...

United States citizen Raymond A. Davis, who shot two Pakistanis in the back on a crowded street in Lahore, has diplomatic immunity, according to President Obama himself. Obama is trying both threats and bribes to get him released and insists on his immunity. Davis's car contained two handguns, a large quantity of ammunition for his guns and other weapons as well as other military equipment. An American embassy vehicle associated with this incident crushed another man to death and sped away. Its two occupants have fled the country and the US embassy refuses to cooperate with Pakistani police enquiries...

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