Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Strange Tale Of Elie Assaad

Besides being a soldier at Fort Bliss, do you dream of a career in music or show business helped along by experts from South America, Africa, Asia and Europe? Do you also dream that those experts might be working for an FBI informant who said on national television that he met Osama Bin Laden and could have stopped the 9/11 attacks? Have a look at Universe Picture Production then.

Maybe you prefer just to get a new paint job on that car of yours from the same FBI informant? Maybe try JS Body Paint then. Not sure if that business belongs to him, but one article contends he owns an auto repair shop as well as six other businesses also at that address.

Of course Mr. Assaad was recently also involved in a police chase in downtown El Paso within miles of Fort Bliss.


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