Sunday, March 27, 2011

Civilian casualties? It wasn't me...

124 Tomahawk land attack cruise missles were launched targeting air defense sites around Tripoli and elsewhere in Libya.

About one minute into this video you can see what Tomahawk explosions look like:

Tomahawk missile variants von chipmuck

On 20 March 2011, U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) announced that three B-2 stealth bombers had attacked Libyan airfields using reportedly 40 JDAMs (later reports said 45 GBU-31/B weapons were used) to destroy hardened shelters used by Libyan fighter-bombers.

Ok want to have a look at a Libyan airfield? Here is an aerial view of their biggest airfield:

i.e. surrounded by civilian residential areas.

Then you have a video which claims to show civilian casualties from the bombing campaign in libya.

Tornado Jets have also been blasting Gaddafi's presidential compound in downtown Tripoli. The article claims civilians there were being used as human shields.

But according to Defense Secretary Gates this is all hogwash because Libya may be placing corpses at bombed sites.

"The truth of the matter is we have trouble coming up with proof of any civilian casualties that we have been responsible for," Gates said in the television interview.

That's right, our bombs and cruise missles don't kill civilians. At least they don't, if you say they don't and you control the media.

I guess this report of the Osprey pilot rescue crew who rambo style opened fire on libyan civilians is also not true, since the military denies it.

And according to the LA Times the dead children from a bombed farmhouse are somehow just so suspicious. Must be Gaddafi's propaganda it seems to say. The villagers who witnessed it are part of the scheme. They are actors on Gaddafi's payroll apparently.

Now who is the conspiracy theorist LA Times?

If the pentagon says it didn't happen. It didn't. We know they never lie.

"It wasn't me."


Operation Odyssey Dawn must continue forward!

Interesting the name. Doesn't it sound like the beginning of something a bit more then just a no-fly zone?

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