Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hey Gullible Public, Al-Qaeda Has A Scary Mag And It Says To Attack Restuarants!

Oh yes, those big baddies, Al Qaeda, that the CIA used to, or still does fund...yeah those guys. They have a fancy english magazine did you know? In it with titles like "Make A Bomb In The Kitchen Of Your Mom" it will surely inspire a whole load of Pentagon, uh I mean Islamic radicalism!

A recent Daily News article says in the latest issue of Inspire, the "terrorists" are now threatening to attack Washington area eateries! Now that goes right to the heart of America. Take away Americans food and God knows what will happen. They also have some groovy advice about how to build people-mowing machines with blades mounted on pick-up trucks. Scary! All in one issue!

You can have a look at the previous issue of this fake "terrorist" propaganda magazine online here.

As pointed out in one article the magazine has already been found to contain passages taken from a cupcake recipe book!

Now that isn't to say that there might actually be a shoot-out coming in a Washington area restuarant, but if there is, it will be coordinated by the real makers of these obviously fake propaganda magazines. And I doubt the people that made these magazines have much to do with Islam, or Yemen for that matter. Their agenda is fear, and war, and making lots and lots of money.

By the way, the group which the Daily News claims makes this mag, the Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, are supposedly also the group which claimed responsibilty for a very dubious terror attack....The Christmas (or Underwear) Bomber, that's the one who tried to light his underpants on fire. The group also has links to another dubious plot, the Times Square Bomber, that's the guy who bought the wrong firecrackers and the wrong fertilizer to make a bomb.

In any case the Daily News cite as a source for this mag, SITE, the Rita Katz organization known for disinfo and propaganda. Fox news sources the Middle East Media Research Institute, which has on its board of directors, ex-FBI, Defense Department individuals and even Elliot Abrams, from the Bush White House.

You have to be a fool to believe these people.

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