Wednesday, October 27, 2010

American Election Devolves Into Brutality And Fraud

Of course not everyone behaves like the people in these videos, but nonetheless the handwriting is on the wall. The trend is set as a frustrated and uninformed population searches for scapegoats for it's failings.

The hate of some on the right for liberals turns easily nasty. But to be fair, sometimes as in the last election, it can be the Ron Paul supporter who gets beaten by mainline Republicans and their security.

Meanwhile, the voting machines will probably decide the election in many cases. Which brings us back to the real enemy. The power of big money corporations. This is where libertarian Rand and Ron Paul have disappointed me with their pro-corporation attitude. Where is the corruption coming from? Where the power is. Where is the power in American society? In the big money corporations and rich elite. So giving more "freedom" to them, will only make you less free. Freedom should be for people, not corporations. Is that so hard to understand?

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