Friday, October 1, 2010

Environmentalism Goes Full Fascist.

What else can you say about videos like this one. Always be careful about anything the contemporary establishment adopts, they will turn it into something evil before the blink of an eye.

From Prison Planet.

The truth is we live in a culture that quietly supports genocide.

Study: War blamed for 655,000 Iraqi deaths

War has wiped out about 655,000 Iraqis or more than 500 people a day since the U.S.-led invasion, a new study reports.

Violence including gunfire and bombs caused the majority of deaths but thousands of people died from worsening health and environmental conditions directly related to the conflict that began in 2003, U.S. and Iraqi public health researchers said.


  1. I originally thought in my incredible naivete that this video was itself a satire concocted by die-hard opponents of the global warming/climate change fiasco to expose the genocidal impulses of that movement! How could it be anything else! Little did I realize. Is this not the signature of of a group of psychotic maniacs showing their hand for all to see. Simply astounding!

  2. I think they think it is funny. Which of course is in itself disturbing.

  3. This is a result of the religion of Algoreism and global warming,etc. It is not enough we have a war on terrorism now we have a war on exterminating those who do not submit to zealots. Someone once said, "one thing about zealots is that if they can't convert you, they will kill you." Enough said.