Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Invasion of the Terror Snatchers? Second Witness Talks of Handcuffed Indian Taken Away

Besides witnessing a sharp dressed Indian man help the underwear bomber get on his flight without a passport, Kurt Haskell also witnessed the FBI take away a second Indian man in handcuffs after the plane landed and the passengers where at a customs area.

Now a second witness from the flight, Daniel Huisinga, reports also witnessing the Indian suspect handcuffed at customs. Here is his interview on MSNBC. Please note how the correspondent interviewing him quickly tries to dismiss what he saw as...someone who has now been released.

Oh dear, well apparently the FBI still have him in custody according to what they told Kurt Haskell who was interviewed today here. (The part about the FBI admitting they have another person in custody is about seven minutes into the interview.)

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