Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Reuters Buys Photos Of Bin Laden Raid Showing Dead Men (Armed Only With A Toy Squirt Gun), No Bin Laden

In a previous post I asked the question: "Who knows who was really in that house if anyone..."

Well it seems I have an answer, not Bin Laden, but some unfortunate bloody unarmed victims. One according to Haaretz was 'armed' with a child's water gun.

One photo shows a computer cable and what looks like a child's plastic green and orange water pistol lying under the right shoulder of one of the dead men. A large pool of blood has formed under his head.

Unfortunately the original site on Reuters with photos has been taken down...I wonder why?

Prison Planet however has one of the photos up on their site. The one with the dead man with the toy squirt gun. A squirt gun?

Update: The photos are still up on The Guardian website.


  1. I had wondered if Obama is being set up, the hatred for him on the internet is rife, on forums black folk who voted for him are turning their TV sets off and weeping, no longer able to look at his face or listen to his lies. Too much is happening and too fast.An assassination of an American president would of course be blamed on Osama supporters even a 'new' bogeyman ' may well be invented. Something dreadful is going to happen we can all feel it ,its in the air .

    The Guardian newspaper almost making fun of the story and a UK reporter has spoken out and said only the gullible would believe this nonsense. Obama really does look like the village idiot...evil and insane.

  2. Well, he has been a disappointment for anyone who thought he would actually 'change' things. I agree that too much is happening and too fast...

    I no longer believe anything they tell us...seems also like there are plenty of evidences of the growing police state, so yes dark clouds on the horizon, we will soon see where it all leads to...

  3. Cameron is planning another 7/7.....

    I believe they are going to do another 7/7 in London...Wikleaks, only a couple of weeks ago revealed in a cable , if anything happened to Osama their is a bomb in Europe ready to cause the most horrific damage. One week later Osama is killed 'again'...I do not believe in coincidences.

    Not sure if you know as much about 7/7 as 9/11 but have left you a couple of links...there is not a drop of support for the war in Lybia by the Brits...blow a few up and see how they change...and Cameron, the power has gone to his head. I am afraid , afraid for all of us. Madmen are running both countries.

  4. tarpley said look for the get an idea if something might happen or not. terror drills as you know sometimes....go live...

  5. Why are you trying to make it sound like they were unarmed? Don't you think the SEALS are smart enough to remove the weapons after they kill someone? It's commonsense.

  6. i am not an expert on forensics, but it looks as if these men were killed unsuspecting, with close range execution style shots. shot in the head, not the body. they don't look to me like what one would call a body guard, but could be. the problem is, i don't believe anything our government says anymore.

  7. have you people lost your minds? you sound as if the apocalypse is upon us. why wait 10 years down the road to say we killed him? whether it happened 5 years ago or at all? they guy's dead. everyone in the compound was armed; give me a break - 12 foot walls and barbed wire and they don't have weapons? and there is no bomb. if they had a bomb, don't you think they would have unleashed it by now? you people are the crazy ones. take a valium and chill.

  8. the idea with waiting is that something like this is used to acheive something. if you have something like a dead bin laden, you wait to use it strategically. these people who today run the show in politics are all about strategy, deception and manipulation. that's what i've seen, and come to expect. if they put something on like this big show, then it is a show, with an intended effect. that's my take on it. what exactly the facts are in this case, isn't yet clear to me, yet the burial at see and the changing storyline of the raid make one suspicious. remember that is how police detect if someone is lying, the ask questions and see if the alibi starts to change, if the suspect starts to make up different stories each time he is asked, then he is supposed to be lying. why isn't the same true for the state department, pentagon and the white house? like they have never lied before? WMDs in Iraq? Jessica Lynch? etc...