Thursday, May 19, 2011

NYPD Made Up Strauss-Kahn Getaway To Airport?

From The Slog

...On France Deux TV last night, a fellow-guest told the channel’s reporter that in the lift immediately prior to checking out, “he [DSK] gave off an air of smiling normality”. The French State channel went on to claim that the IMF boss was “off to lunch with his daughter before catching the first available plane back to France”.

Yet the NYPD insists he made a dash straight to Kennedy Airport in order to escape justice...


  1. Looks like a set up to give Gordon Brown the position. As John Ward explains Brown is Pro American anti Euro and he does as he is told BUT he is a despicable little man.


    The latest...


    Now this is where it may become interesting Cameron swore he would block Brown if he made any attempt for the position in IMF. Brown is responsible for covering up the McCann mess and Cameron suddenly decides to open up the McCann case....Justice is like a big rug, pull it from under the feet of one and many will fall..brave words from an American journalist who was about to blow the story on JFK'S assassination...

    The heat is on with the McCann case, the child is dead and Brown is up to his neck...of course at the moment it is a game, the Brits cannot investigate a crime committed in another country without an invitation . Cameron only has to ask for an invite from Portugal and this case will be blown wide open. Socrates has gone, will Brown call Camerons bluff ?