Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bin Laden’s Neighbour: “None Of This Is True”

Listen to what this man has to say. Who knows who was really in that house if anyone...

From Al Jazeera and Prison Planet.

A resident of Abbottabad who witnessed the raid says he believes it is simply not true that Bin Laden was hiding out in a compound within yards of his own home.

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  1. Hi George, I still cannot believe that the US Administration's top echelon are so naïve that they dish out lie after lie "without" even checking its possible authenticity!!. I also am very surprised that the whole bunch of them believe that the world is so stupid to believe it all. The 9/11 was repeatedly debated by worldwide experts in security, demolition, antiterrorist organisations and eye witnesses to the falsness of it all. Now we see another scenario which is even more childish, expected to be believed...
    My comment to you is a simple one... Why do the American public believe what is dished out to them without even questioning its authenticity? Is it so hard to believe that their Government can and is manipulating their lives to suit their selected interests no matter what the cost in human lives, anguish and above all, the FEAR in the American peoples lives.! This technique was used by many countries (categorised by the US as being tyrants and despots).
    Once again, your blog is precise, well narrated, and very interesting. I shall be following it with interest...

    BB. (UK)