Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More then 1,000 March Against Israeli War Crimes in Times Square

I was present at this large demonstration, alerted to it by World Can't Wait, and took some small photos with my mobile phone. The demonstrators marched through mid-town Manhattan, stopping traffic and closing sidewalks until they finally poured into Times Square. Of course a couple times the usual infuriated Zionists lashed out from the street that the demonstrators dare express distaste at the brutality of Israel's right-wing Netanyahu led authoritarian politics. On one occasion a man yelled something about the protestors being Nazis for their criticism of Israeli aggression, though the crimes of the IDF seem to mean nothing to these furious whiners who always see themselves as the victims no matter what brutality they unleash. The crowd was very mixed, as can be seen from the photos, reflecting the melting pot of New York. It seems people of all types had gathered together to express disgust for the brutality of the Israel of Netanyahu and all that it represents. I didn't find myself agreeing with every poster I saw, but there were many good ones. I certainly think it is high time that people take to the streets to protest against the hypocrisy of the self-annointed "good guys", USA and Israel, in the wake of one of their killing sprees. Enjoy the pictures.

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  1. I like your recent man-on-the-street commentaries, the last one viewed being the West Point anti-war protest some weeks ago. You would think that Israel would moderate its extreme reaction especially with the Rachel Corrie en route: