Monday, June 21, 2010

Lieberman: Shut Down The Net Like China; Iceland: Freedom of Communication!

Iceland is passing resolutions to protect freedom of expression on the Internet. Obama and Lieberman would like to have a "kill switch."

It's not hard to see who is on the right side of this one. One more reason to leave the land of the morons. I've heard the flights to Iceland are cheap. Tempting.

The online freedom law passed in Iceland as you can read here. The vote was 50 in favor and zero against. Can you imagine how that vote would go down in our corrupt country?

Eventually every smart person will just leave the U.S. and only the brain dead will remain to eat burgers and watch football, kill civilians in wars or sit in prison.


  1. the photo of the stunted toad Lieberman is not only a case study in human depravity, but this scoundrel is a living testimony to the inglorious depths into which this nation has descended, a fact given eloquent expression by the scathing words of your last paragraph. Your thoughts re-echo the famous words of Henry David Thoreau to the effect that in dishonest times the only proper habitation for an honest man is prison. As always your outrage at this sickening travesty is much appreciated and finds resonance in this humble quarter. Thanks.

  2. I'm glad you appreciate it yardfarmer. I take no pleasure in making negative comments about the present state of affairs here, but things are not always looking so bright, so I feel it is probably best sometimes to be frank about what is disturbing and seems so out of whack.