Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Americans Injured On Aid Convoy; Egypt Lifts Gaza Blockade

The brainwashing of America would be complete if most Americans choose to be on the side of the Israeli commandos as opposed to the injured fellow Americans onboard the aid flotilla. But in a way, it might not matter so much what the average uninformed idiot here thinks. The world is getting angry and brainwashed America and warmongering Israel cannot go it alone against the entire world.

From ABC News

Egypt lifted its blockade of the Gaza Strip today, one day after nine people died and more than 30 were wounded in Israel's attempt to enforce a blockade of the embattled Palestinian enclave by capturing a flotilla of aid ships.

Israel raids supply ships heading for the Gaza Strip.
The sponsor of the aid flotilla said today that two more ships were being readied to head to Gaza in another attempt to break Israel's isolation of Gaza.

And as international condemnation of Israel's actions grew louder, the U.S. confirmed that Americans were aboard the aid flotilla and that several were injured...

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