Wednesday, November 14, 2012


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From Steve Pieczenik

Finally, we get down to this issue of the sudden dismissal of CIA Director David Petraeus….
As most of you know,  I have been a great admirer of General Petraeus for well over ten years since he was a Major General in the Army and showed incredible initiative and aggressiveness in Iraq and then in Afghanistan.  Whatever he did or not do concerning his personal affairs is not really relevant to me ---nor should it be to you.
And this is why!
The timing of Petraeus’s sudden revelation of an affair with a ‘journalist’ who happened to have been a West Point Graduate and an ‘intelligence’ Analyst but also a ‘biographer’ makes this issue a key point of the concept of soft coup.
  Normally a DCI does not resign over extra-marital affairs in general and in particular, especially when it involves a potential cover-up over what really happened in a covert CIA led operation in Benghazi.
  Remember what I told you in the previous blogs that Benghazi was a strictly CIA operation involving the storage and ‘illegal‘ supply of ‘heavy weapons’ , including Soviet made MANPADS RPGs, to ‘freedom fighting rebels’ led byAbdelhakim Belhadj, the most hard-line Islamic jihadist and the Former Leader of the Al-Qaeda- linked  Libyan Islamic Fighting Group [LIFG}  and head of the Tripoli Military Council.
Lost yet!!! You should be! 
Remember what I have told you before.
  The CIA creates the problem (i.e. the monster Al-Qaeda to fight the Soviets) and then, this monster goes out of control, and the CIA goes around creating more problems—like the “Arab Spring”and then guess whom they use to control it?  CIA arms ‘freedom fighters’ against the ‘tyrants’ that they previously created—Mubarak, Qadaffi, etc. ----yes, they use the guys who supposedly killed us in 9/11  now they are the ‘new freedom fighters’. 
The CIA is a mess. Guess who does not like this mess?  You got it—the military
  Especially generals like Petraeus who tried to ‘militarize’ the completely ‘amatureish  CIA’  and we have two more military officials—General Carter Ham and Admiral Charles Gaouette.
  General Charles Ham is a distinguished combat general who requested support to defend and rescue the Ex-SEAL Team Contractors and Ambassador Christopher Stevens and others who were engaged in a fire-fight that was continuously monitored by the NSA and satellites in real time.  He was immediately relieved of his command and replaced without a moment’s hesitation or explanation by Army General David Rodriguez. That order came directly from the White House to Panetta to General Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff  [I have already written about these ‘choir boys’].
At same time but at a different location, R AdmiralCharles M. Gaouette, command of the powerful Carrier Strike Group Three[CSG-3] consisting of the five US Navy carrier strike groups were specifically designated for projecting naval airpower ashore.
  The key point about the conflagration in Benghazi was the both Navy, Army, CIA, SEAL, Special Forces team all pre-positioned were ORDERED to STAND DOWN by the WHITE HOUSE.   In the process of that STAND DOWN, brave American soldiers and diplomats were massacred by forces that could have been ‘neutralized’ but POTUS refused to save their lives and invoke military assistance.
  Those who dared to defy POTUS (as I had done in the past), these brave military and civilian personnel were subsequently dismissed . 
Now POTUS has been placed on notice that he had covered up the massacre of a covert operation gone awry and Petraeus, Ham, Gaouette are cordoned into a corral of obedience and silence. 


  1. I just watched Pieczenik on Jone's broadcast and was much intrigued by his analysis. This is very deep politics as Peter Dale Scott has called it with the potential to rip the lid right off the covert agendas of the Obama regime. Shit, I thought I was the only one talking about the Dunham family's CIA hereditary pedigree (along with Frank Davis of course). It's gratifying to have the legendary Dr. Psyops come right out and say it! Needless to say a very timely post on some great information from Pieczenik. It's also good to see you jump right in the deep end on this. You've been kind of quiet lately.

  2. yes yard...things are getting interesting on this one. ill try to keep the info coming.

  3. one thing on my mind is the strange murky relationship between the radical islamists/al-qaeda and also muslim brotherhood groups we are supporting, Israel, the Obama Administration, and Iran and Syria. Figuring out who is on who's side is quite a task here, though it seems as if everything is being done to increase conflict and instability, as if that is the goal of everyone, except maybe Syria.