Sunday, June 10, 2012

We are being lied to about the massacres in Syria...

As I suspected, an article in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung describes how many of the victims of the massacres are actually loyalists of the Assad government, shia, alawite, not sunni like the rebels who claim to be the victims. Most likely they were carried out by brutal forces that the U.S. and gulf states are supporting to overthrow the Assad regime, imported from Libya after they did their butchering there. The massacres are carried out and then blamed on the government, and most of the western media follows along blind with the spin, intended to further the conflict, the tribal bloodshed, and at the cost of genocidal warfare create "regime change", the desired goal of Hillary Clinton, Obama, UN, NATO, gulf states etc...

Here is my translation of important parts of the third and sixth paragraphs of the article: 

At first glance the massacre [near Hama] resembles the one in Hula, where on the 25th of May 108 people were killed. In recent days, syrian opposition figures who come from the region have been able to reconstruct the apparent chain of events through reliable statements from witnesses. Their result contradicts the statements of the rebels, who blamed the shabiha militias close to the government. It is said that they [the opposition figures] operated under protection of the Syrian Army. Because opposition figures who reject violence are killed or at least threatened, the opposition figures don't want their names to be seen.....Killed [in the massacres], were nearly completely families of the alawite and shiite minority of Hula, whose population is more then ninety percent sunni. So were several dozen members of a family massacred, who in recent years converted from sunni to shiite Islam. Killed were distant members of the alawite family Shomaliya and the family of a sunni parliamentarian, because he was seen as a traitor. Immediately after the massacre, the perpetrators filmed the victims and posted the videos on the internet claiming them to be sunni victims. Representatives of the syrian government confirm this version, directed however that the government is obligated not to talk in terms of sunni and alawite. President Baschar al Assad belongs to the Alawites, the opposition is overwhelmingly sunni. 

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