Friday, March 23, 2012

On terror watch list, caught planting Taliban bombs and a suspect in first murder two weeks ago: So WHY was he ever allowed to roam free and kill 7?

Yes, so why do you think he was allowed to roam free? Like the Christmas Bomber, like the 9/11 hijackers etc, etc, always the same. A manufactured enemy to keep the fear, authoritarian policies and profitable, strategic 'war on terror' going...

From Mail Online.

Serious questions are being asked as to why French security services allowed Al Qaeda fanatic Mohammed Merah to roam free for so long.
The self-confessed terrorist, who killed seven in a series of calculated killings across south west France, was yesterday shot dead in the head after a dramatic 32-hour siege.
Security services were pictured high-fiving each other following the 23-year-old's death as relief, joy and sadness for his victims swept across the nation.
But pressure is now being heaped on security chiefs, who face growing criticism they should have prevented the spree. Calls are being made for a far-reaching intelligence inquiry into their 'serious failings'. This is because the jobless French-Algerian was initially suspected, alongside his older brother Abdelkader, of the first murder of a soldier almost two weeks ago.
Staggeringly the brothers, both members of a small extremist group, were not picked up. French police said their group was 'harmless'. Merah had been on a French 'watch list' since 2008 after being jailed in Afghanistan in 2007 for helping to run a bomb factory.
He was on another list banning him from entering the U.S., and was known to have attended an Al Qaeda training camp on the Pakistan/Afghanistan border.
Arrested for kidnapping a man and sword-waving rampaging around his neighbourhood where he screamed 'Al Qaeda', police soon let him go.
French intelligence had also once warned Spanish authorities that he was planning to go to a meeting of Islamist activists.
And just two weeks before his killing spree he was in court on minor driving offences.
He was freed from jail so he could appeal.

....Fillon added that Sarkozy's conservative government is working on new anti-terrorism legislation that would be drafted within two weeks.

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