Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Italian Newspaper: Toulouse Terrorist 'Merah" Was Working For French Intelligence

From The Daily Mail.

Meanwhile, it has been claimed that the killer had spied for the French secret service before his ten-day spree.
Italian newspaper Il Foglio alleges that the Muslim fanatic acted as an informer to the DGSE intelligence agency while travelling to Israel, Jordan and Afghanistan in 2010.

In return for information about Islamic terror cells, the paper said, French agents allowed Merah to travel freely.
Il Foglio claims details of this arrangement were leaked by French and Israeli spies...

Security chiefs were today refusing to comment on Il Foglio's claim that they may have been working with the killer before his attacks in south-west France.

The Italian newspaper said: 'Merah was considered to fit the profile of the kind of young man who could infiltrate terrorist training camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and provide crucial intelligence to western countries.'

Also have a look at this link from French television, France24, Mohamed Merah: secret service informant?

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