Monday, February 13, 2012

Athens burns, buildings on fire as chaos, riots flare up (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

From Russia Today.


  1. I hate to speak the obvious, but it appears the Greek civil authorities are highly averse to using lethal force.Does this mean that they value human life more than inanimate objects? Are we dealing with a laissez faire European ethic or am I just accustomed to the violent history of the other words a little buckshot could have saved a lot of those buildings, but then again maybe this will embody a much needed growth industry as suggested by the cynical wags over at Zerohedge. at any rate: Ignis Natura Renovatur Integra

  2. i believe the police are none too happy about things either. i imagine they are just trying to keep things from getting worse. i imagine the greek government has a tenuous hold on things right now. there are reports that their tear gas has run out for example. yes a couple shots would clear a crowd. but it also could start a civil war. those are my thoughts.