Monday, January 9, 2012

What Chase & Goldman Sachs did to Greece

An alternative explanation for europe's fiscal problems different then the commonly heard ' the greeks are lazy and they retire too early'...

From America Blog.

In other words, banks like Chase and Goldman knowingly larded up the nation of Greece with a crippling future debt burden, then turned around and helped the world bet against Greek debt. ... [D]oes a human being do that deal?

Operations like the Greek swap/short index maneuver were easy money for banks like Goldman and Chase – hell, it’s a no-lose play, like cutting a car’s brake lines and then betting on the driver to crash – but they helped create the monstrous European debt problem that this very minute is threatening to send the entire world economy into collapse, which would result in who knows what horrors.
The world of propaganda news — the world of "what everyone knows" (the propagandist's best friend) — won't change because you now know what the bankers did to Greece.

Yes, the government was eagerly corrupted. But an addict needs a seducer, a leech, an enabler, someone to bleed his wallet in trade for his supply. That leech, that predator, is the international branch of the U.S. banking system.

It's the leech that caused the crisis in Greece; and the leech that marketed the evils of one bad addict as the reason the entire continent needs to go on food stamps for a generation or so.

Sweet deal, being a banker. Sort of a racket, wouldn't you say? On some planet, they call it organized crime. On others they call it a public-private partnership.

Either way it's looting.


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