Monday, September 19, 2011

Civilians join Gaddafi fighters to defend hometown

Oh weren't we supposed to be helping the 'civilians' who are now fighting your islamist radical forces dear Obama, Sarkozy, and Cameron? They don't want to be ruled by your brutal 'freedom fighters?' Just keep hiting them with the Apaches and killing lots of civilians and you will eventually get your oil. Such 'good guys.' There are claims in the article you killed 357 civilians overnight. But that means nothing. Hell, you will kill thousands, hundreds of thousands, and still sell yourselves as 'peace makers.'

From Reuters.

"There have been heavy clashes since this morning," NTC fighter, Mahmoud Terbelu, said as he stood in the middle of a large roundabout littered with bullet casings.

"There has been some resistance from civilians, volunteers. They're above the buildings with Kalashnikovs, anti-aircraft guns, rockets and other weapons," he said...

Many fighters said sniper fire still posed a challenge to the advance as well as the presence of civilians.

Gaddafi spokesman, Moussa Ibrahim, told Reuters on Saturday that NATO airstrikes on Sirte had killed 357 civilians overnight -- an allegation NATO said may be unfounded.

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