Thursday, June 16, 2011

LulzSec Takes Down

Preface to internet clampdown?

From Zerohedge

Nope. This is not an Onion headline. Go ahead. Try it out.

Internet kill switch on in T minus 5...4...3... as full blown retaliation against all (cyber)enemies foreign and domestic hits new highs. And since no crisis can go to waste, next up is the the appointment of the propaganda Internet Tzar.

Senate Website Hacked--Again

The loosely organized hacker group Lulz Security broke into a public portion of the Senate website over the weekend and announced the hack in a tweet on Monday. Lulz, whose name derives from Internet slang for "laugh out loud," tweeted on Wednesday but has not mentioned hacking the Senate website.

Recent weeks have seen a long string of embarrassing hacks. The International Monetary Fund has been hit, as have Lockheed Martin Corp, Citigroup Inc, Google and Michaels Stores...

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