Saturday, June 11, 2011

Information Blackout On Bilderberg 2011 Protest

Update: Just as I was giving up we got a video being now streamed on of what appears to be a protest against the Bilderbergers as they enter the hotel. Maybe we just need to wait for this stuff to get out....mmm....

Here is a link directly about the footage.

Not sure what happened but the scheduled special report from the Bilderberg protest is nowhere to be seen. There are no videos and no news whatsoever about any demonstration today in St. Moritz. Infowars appears to be silent. Something seems to have gone wrong with it.


  1. amschel died in 1996.. yet seem to be connected to todays date.. im not sure but it sounds like there need to be fact checking.


  3. ok wierd...for some reason that appeared in a lot of blogs now. thanks for the correction, it's gone.