Saturday, October 8, 2011

Chris Hedges Destroys CBC Idiots In Interview.

I can't repost the video but here is the link. Watch it, it is genius.

Chris hedges is a great guy who was fired from the New York Times because he was against the wars. The New York Times couldn't deal with that because they love wars for profit that kill and maim hundreds of thousands. It's a lovely newspaper but I like Mr. Hedges more. Here is an interview with him. Watch him dismiss the assholes interviewing him. Great interview. CBC I wish you poverty and bankruptcy.


  1. I don't wish the CBC bankruptcy. Kevin O'Leary should remain in the Dragon's Den where shallowness and arrogance are expected. The CBC is not perfect but Harper would like to shut it down unless it continues showcasing the crap that comes out of O'Leary's mouth. Does anyone remember Harper's appearances on the Rick Mercer show? Calculated. The worst thing he has going for him is the sense other people have of him that there's no human being behind that cold personality of his. I wish the CBC prosperity so that it doesn't have to continue down the path of Fox News. This man Chris Hedges, whatever his views, should have been treated respectfully and the issues addressed, as he himself said. He deserves an apology from O'leary and CBC,

  2. I loved this particular one because he mentions John Ralston Saul and I found this terrific speech: