Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Guardian censored Wikileaks cables that did not support liberal imperialist agenda against Iran

From Max Keiser.

This is the glaring hole in the entire so-called Twitter Revolution narrative. We said at the time that not only did less than half of one percent of the population even have a Twitter account, but that the so-called opposition did not have the widespread support that many hyper imperial Western commentators were alleging via their ‘anonymous’ sources. And that’s not to say that there weren’t protests, I’m just saying that the protests were not as deep, wide and organic as what we’ve seen in Tunisia and Egypt.

So when the wikileaks cables were first published, the very first cables released dealt with Iran and painted a very anti-Iranian picture. I was surprised by this and did suspect that a case for war was being built. Now we learn it was the Guardian which refused to print the negative information regarding the opposition groups in Iran that the newspaper itself had painted as charismatic, freedom-loving democrats.

I’m not sure why Assange always goes to the mainstream imperial press and expects a different outcome. Maybe next time, he will come to us first!

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