Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The "Clown" of the Dying Establishment

I don't think he is a clown, but that is what he is called by all the gate keepers in the media. Just watch the video at this link.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Defense Clandestine Service Blends Civilian and Military Operations

From The New American

 ...To successfully carry out this new covert program, the Pentagon has provided the DCS with plenty of staff. As noted by the Washington Post in December, "When the expansion is complete, the DIA is expected to have as many as 1,600 “collectors” in positions around the world, an unprecedented total for an agency whose presence abroad numbered in the triple digits in recent years."

 The DCS declares that it is “mission focused” and that mission is to accelerate the convergence of the military and the civilian authorities and obliterate constitutional boundaries around privacy and civil liberties.
Finally, there is no denying that the surveillance state is expanding and that Americans at home and abroad are nearly constantly under the watchful and never-blinking eye of intelligence officers. From phone taps to traffic cameras connected to the National Security Agency, the federal government is not only violating statutory law, but is circumventing the Constitution. On several fronts, the United States is being treated as a theater of the “War on Terror” and citizens are being treated as suspects.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

‘No More Hesitation’ Targets Train Police and Feds to Shoot Armed Pregnant Women, Mothers, Children and Elderly

From Cryptogon

What if I told you police in your town could desensitize themselves to the idea of shooting a (armed) child, pregnant woman, or young mother, for just a couple of bucks? The “No More Hesitation” series from Law Enforcement Targets Inc. offers exactly that. For less than 99 cents per target, police can shoot at real-life images “designed to give officers the experience of dealing with deadly force shooting scenarios with subjects that are not the norm during training.”

Saudi Arabia’s questionable ties to 9/11

From NBC

Families of 9/11 victims have asked a court to reinstate Saudi Arabia as a defendant in a civil suit, which alleges that the Saudi government was complicit in the attacks. Former Sen. Bob Graham, D-Fla., and Terry Strada, who lost her husband in the attacks, discusses.

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Israel Forcibly Injected African Immigrants with Birth Control, Report Claims

From Forbes.

This weekend, a report revealing that African women immigrating to Israel were subjected to mandatory contraceptive injections, effectively amounting to forced (if temporary) sterilization made global headlines.